My curiosity to write more was the national motto of Jordan “God, Country, King”.
Keep scrolling to know more about this unweiling , surreal Jordan of the Jordanians.
With just 0.6 percentage of water this Hashemite kingdom still survives. Sharing its borders with some prominent countries like Israel, Iraq, Palestine and Saudi Arabia.

A dive into their story :
Jordan is an Arabian country, with unusual seas the Red sea and the Dead sea. Apart from Islam being widely practiced, minority religions like Christianity and Druze still thrive.
a) Interesting fact : it’s a home to Syrian and Palestinian refugees.
b) Culture Craze:
Jordanian film called Theeb was nominated the Academy Awards for best foreign Film.
The movement of painting , sculpture, graffiti and photography took a humongous toll and excelled .

A To-do list when in Jordan:

1) Petra the Jodhpur of Jordan:

Called the ” Rose city” was also enlisted as “One of the seven Wonders”.
Also as one of the 28 places you must visit before you die.
situated between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, also three hours away from Amman the capital of Jordan.
An piturestique of caves , Architecture , temples, tombs ,arched gateways and 3,000 seat open air with much more.
CARVED DIRECTLY INTO vibrant red, white, pink, and sandstone cliff .
The Lost city is a monastery with Hellenistic features.
The engineering of supply water in between of desert and canyons is unremarkable, as it was home to 30 thousand people. The entire city is a massive Art changing its colour in every 30 mins. Currently archeologist explored less than half which tells us a story of mystery that lies beneath this massive beauty in Rocks.

2) Damn the Dead Sea:
Being the lowest point of earth , this light  turquoise with salt crystal continues to allure tourists into floating.
The salt and mud seems to have curing properties , rich in mud treatments and salt baths .
Why float? It’s one of the saltiest sea, with evaporation trapped and the water cycle not in function , tourist have an magical moment floating in the Sun.

3) Other remarkable ventures:

a. Quick Run through Wadi Rum.

To the south of Jordan , features sandstorms and dramatic arches.
Home to many rare desert animals .
Also featured in many mainstream movies , consisting of a range of narrow gorges, natural arches, towering cliffs, ramps, massive landslides and caverns.

b) Majestic Mount Nebo:

Described in the Bible years ago , this mountain provides an view to the Jordan River .
Craved stones are a popular site.
Also a sanctuary to protect the excavating remains of a church.

Writers note:

Jordan of the Jordanians now accessible and home to beautiful Architecture, warm culture, spice and food , desserts to wander.
Come visit Jordan it calls you from afar.
A true soul to witness mystery it seeks .
The feeling of an explorer only in Jordan.