Make new friends – when you travel you meet people from all walks of life . Whether you want to know about the place from a local or want to grab a beer or just have a casual talk making friends becomes easier.

Makes you Confident – Being in a new place away from home and your known surroundings you become more confident in handling situations and adapt to the environment.

Brings Happiness – Travel brings happiness be it a Beach or a theme part or Mountains. It brings out the inner child in everyone once you go to your favorite place.

Away from the Monotonous Life – Travel helps you get out of the regular boring life . It helps in cleansing your mind spiritually and emotionally. People often travel for Spa treatments and Yoga Retreats.

Educates – Travel always educates you about a new place . Be it knowing about the culture, religion or their customs . It helps us respecting the lifestyles when we actually see them and spend time with them. It also helps in learning a new language

Food is Bae – The best part about travel is that you can try different local or international cuisines which maybe you have just heard of or seen on TV . If you’re interested in cooking there are lots of cooking classes of the local cuisine. Food actually brings smile on people’s faces as well as hearts.

Makes you more Interesting – You will be considered more interesting if you have lots of stories to tell about your travel experience. Travel gives you Funny, weird, scary as well as emotional experiences which can be educational as well as interesting for others.

‘You’ Time – In this age, with work and other commitments you hardly get time for yourself, Travel makes ‘you’ time possible. You can rejuvenate, think and come back with more positivity.

Appreciate your Family more – Home sweet home, you actually start understanding it. When you travel you get to know the importance of family, parents, your pets, children and most important your bed ☺

Lasting Memories – Travel memories stays with you forever be it good or bad. It’s effect is never short term. It encourages you to travel more, meet new people and above all enjoy your own Company.


  1. I love travelling and this blog gave me more energy to plan my next trip soon….
    thank you Aparna. 😊

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