Trekking diaries of Himalayas !!! Isn’t it wondrous?
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The main aim of trekking in the Himalayas is to leave all your negative vibes behind
and splash your soul with positive vibes.
Not only do we trekkers but every traveler around the world agree that the
Himalayas are the heaven on Earth. One gets to enjoy the exhilarating beauty of
the Himalayas and experience raw life, but concurrently you will also need to think
about your safety.

Now let us tell you people who misunderstand that hiking, trekking, and
mountaineering are the same… For everyone over there below is the meaning…

Hiking is a one day and least dangerous form of walking in the mountains which
does not require any technical equipment and the trail might not be difficult.
Trekking is more dangerous and difficult than hiking involving for 2 or more
days stay in the mountains. Usually, trekkers rest at night and continue walking the
next, until they reach the top and then back.
Mountaineering usually begins where the trekking ends, to climb high peaks
requiring technical climbs and equipment. It is the most critical of all three
activities. Skills and previous technical knowledge is needed.
The Three Passes Trek is a long adventure and is equally one of the most
challenging and the most rewarding treks offered in the Himalayas. It gives
adventurers the chance to visit the ever-popular Everest Base Camp, while also
taking them off the beaten path to some of the most astonishing sights that Nepal
has to offer. As the name would indicate, this trek takes you through three
different passes: the Cho La, Kongma La, and Renjo La as you traverse across the rich landscape. You’ll take in the glistening Gokyo Lakes, traditional villages, the
large Ngozumpa Glacier, and, of course, unimaginable views of four of the ten of
the world’s tallest mountains: Cho Oyu, Makalu, Lhotse, and Everest.

Few of the required things to capture the best memories on your trek… This
doesn’t mean to carry a load while trekking. Trek in a smart way…
Carry one jacket which is a waterproof cum windproof jacket which will keep
your backpack lightweight. Don’t forget to carry gloves and a balaclava.
Carry only essential things. Since weather on high altitudes is unpredictable so
better to carry one spare set of clothes.
Buy the lightest gear available.
Go for a mirrorless camera body if you are planning to capture the pictures.
— Nag Tibba one of the most underrated trail qualifies as one of the best
weekend treks.
— Har ki Doon another hidden gem in the Gharwal Himalayas also known as the
hanging valley captivates trekkers on a large number every year.
— Kedarkantha is a delightful and is a paradise to trekkers giving you the
panoramic view of the mountains surrounded by the clouds.
— With crooked trail and cobblestone pathways giving you a feeling of absolute
bliss, Beas Kund is the winner among all the treks.