“Head out and discover new things, amazing places, meet new people and redefine your life”


Exploring the unknown parts of the world is something each one of us wants to do in our life. Traveling to new places with your friends, family or loved ones just makes the bond between you and them thicker. Experiencing new things and discovering new places to visit are fun and that’s why we at Tripcultr came up with amazing travel hacks every traveler must know.

Presenting you the hacks that will help you in a voyage to mesmerizing cities.

1- Research about the destination

This is one important step that will help you in knowing the place better. Always research about the destination you are going to visit like the climate and geography of the place, places to visit, things to do and where to eat. All these research work will eventually help you enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

2- Packing

It is said that the less luggage the more comfort, people often make mistakes by creating a folded pile of clothes in their suitcases increasing the number of bags. Instead, try rolling your clothes while packing, this method allows you to fit more things in your bags cutting the extra baggage.

3- Money

Before embarking on an international trip make sure that you call your credit or debit card company, this prevents them from suspecting unauthorized activity and blocking your card. Also, it is advised that you carry local cash and don’t always rely on credit cards.

4- Minimal Travel expenditure

If you are looking for a budget trip, start spending wisely as nobody likes getting bankrupt while traveling. Use public transportation if you are traveling within the city and instead of going into a fancy hotel try street food, which will give you more authentic taste than the restaurants.

5- Essentials

Always remember to carry a charger and a power bank while traveling and try to carry some extra snacks instead of relying on food in other places. If you are planning on a beach destination always carry an extra set of clothes. Always remember to carry important medicines and some general medicines as flying international might cause headaches or illness in your body. Apart from medicines face wipes and sanitizers are also some of the most essential things you must carry during your journey to any place.