We’re well aware that most of you out there are looking for places to visit around the world but not quite sure about the visa process, so let us skip the pain of Googling and list down the places you could visit around Asia if you are a person holding Indian citizenship and passport.


The southeast Asian nation that Is famously known for its Volcano’s and beaches Is one of the most travelled destinations in the world not only by travellers but also by photographers and honeymooners. Are you one of the jungle freaks? This country is also home to tigers, elephants and Orangutans. Though the nation is popular for many tourists spots we are going to notch down the 3 must-visit places in this beautiful country. The award-winning tourist spot for decades, BALI. Also the most popular tourist spot in Indonesia, the city has been able to offer everything the tourist could wish for- varied landscape for a calm getaway, Tropical beaches if you want to get your tans done right this is the place, this volcanic hillside is a perfect picture for photographers. Apart from the beauty of the city, the natives very friendly to interact and also infuse spirituality- The unique Hindu culture makes it an Indian attraction. The combination of spectacular beaches, great landscapes and the cultural importance- sounds like a treat to the human soul. Komodo’s is the world-famous national park especially famous for the Komodo Dragon, Nope they are not really dragons, of course, they are huge sized carnivores’ lizards that can reach up to 3m in length. Though they have been sighted in the other parts of the world, Only this country offers a separate park for this species, so If you are the animal lover you must visit this park to see these odd species. Make sure you have an experienced tour guide with you, remember they are carnivores so don’t feed them snacks. Also while you are at it, this park is also considered as one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world.

Giving you another must-try.


A country very famous for its calm and quiet getaways. Boat cruise yourself into one of these tiny islands and look around- you will find nothing but a long expanse of water and hear the beating waves and chirping birds. The island is famous for its beautiful coral sighting’s underwater. Much recommended taking an experienced native diver with you while you enjoy yourself spearfishing, coral sighting or maybe even sharks? Make sure you visit the capital of the country Malé. The island has a huge fish market, you might find yourself looking at fishes you had never imagined existed in the ocean. The tourist is often known to accommodate themselves in Resorts while enjoying their stay on an island. If you insist on looking for better views underwater you must visit Addu islands to see alive corals. Keep this in your To-Do list if you love deep-sea diving and snorkelling.


We have another island added to our list, A small country located in East Africa popular for beaches, Lagoons, Reefs, Rainforest, Hiking and wildlife. Personally, I think Mauritius has a lot more to offer compared to any other island in the world, anything you wish for name it, and you get it, considered as the paradise of travellers as it offers sun, sand, and surf.  But of course, there are places where you get the best out of things and I am going to notch down the best of all. Highlights are Black River Gorges National park estimated around 68km the area is covered with beautiful view.While trekking inside this forest one keeps an eye out for animals like wild pigs, rusa deer, bears. Maybe if you are lucky enough you would catch sight of few endangered species of birds and animals. Turtle Park is also known as Parc Francois Leguat is a wildlife park filled with hundreds of turtle in Rodrigues Island’s. Also if you are looking for waterfalls with fun activities to do around it with your loved ones, then visit Tamarind waterfall- one of the best places to be in Mauritius- the waterfall also covers many additional activities like hiking, cliff jumping, bird watching.


A Buddhist country that is wildly known as cultural importance infused with spirituality. This country is located on the eastern edge of Himalaya’s. Bhutan also called as ‘the land of thunderbolt’ is one of the least travelled destinations in spite of the great places the country has to offer. The country has different climatic conditions, the southern part is hot and humid and the northern part is cold. If you want to know more about the Bhutanese architecture and traditions then you must visit Rinpung Dzong a beautiful fort built in the early 16th century, the places hold famous attractions such as beautiful temples and wall paintings related to Buddhism. The iconic Gold and bronze statue of Buddha called Buddha Dordenma is 169ft tall built at the foothills of Thimpu. The statue implies on the dominant religion of Bhutan.


A country famous for Historical and cultural attractions like temples and monuments that have been dated centuries back, it speaks volumes of histories and traditions it has carried forward all these years. Though the country has popular places to visit it is being underestimated for a holiday spot. A variety of attraction the country promises you with, starting with climbing hills, mountains or campaign in the foothills of the Himalayas or spiritual guidance in the holy city of Katmandu. While you are in the City of Katmandu travel to Nagarkot – one of the most popular places in Nepal. Gives us a magnificent view of Mount Everest and Himalaya’s. Lucky tourist can get to see a clear sky day, might get to see the sunrise or sunset in between Himalaya’s. Tourism In Nepal is being promoted for its scenic beauty also experiencing nature’s marvel beauty, then you must visit Pokhara valley, the second-largest valley in the world, famous for its clear view of Himalaya and other activities like rafting, boating, trekking.


The last country to make the list but also one of the most visited tourist spots around the world is Thailand. The country has everything to offer. One of the perfect bachelor parties to wedding destination to a family getaway. Bangkok, Is home to many clubs, nightlife, shopping streets and museums’. One of the must-visit places in Bangkok would be Chinatown, a heaven for foodies and shopaholic, literally everything is available in the streets of the Chinatown, It is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. Also, walk into the Bangkok national museum to get a taste of the Thai culture. Thai art offering a sneak peek into the country’s history and legacy. One of the kind markets would be the Floating market in Bangkok- very much suitable for kids. Apart from enjoying the boat ride, the riders can also purchase fresh fruits and vegetables during leisure. Also, try the local cuisine while you are at it. You might like it.