Traveling around the world is probably one of the best things one can do in terms of seeing new places, experiencing new things, learning new perspectives or even just to find their calling in life, but more often than not, traveling can be a burdensome task not only for the location you travel to but the local flora, fauna, local individuals and monuments. It is thus very important to know this year, the destinations you should be avoiding and be a responsible traveler towards the sustenance of these places. 

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

A 900 hundred-year-old temple, surrounded by lush green lands Angkor Wat is exactly that and adorned with some serious architectural marvel, built by the Khmer empire. It is the perfect combination to attract a lot of travelers from all over the world. This UNESCO World Heritage site thus undoubtedly is one of the most populated and visited locations in all of Cambodia. This is leading to major wear of the monument, especially during the last three decades. Some of the major effects on this monument are water scarcity due to the coming up of numerous hotels and other forms of accommodations around Angkor Wat as well as hundreds of people entering and roaming around the temple is causing the stone steps and floor to wear off.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Thanks to social media and TV shows like Game of Thrones, the Isle of Skye is no longer what it used to be even a decade back. None for the lack of population and no lack of vegetation and greenery, Isle of Skye is now the exact opposite of it. Starting from the picturesque winding roads that lead up to those gorgeous cliffs where waves keep splashing against, it is completely blocked by traffic for a major part of the day. Along with this is the high influx of travelers who visit this place daily, which not only puts an immense burden on the local community but also hampers the cleanliness and well being of the area because of the huge amount of garbage production. Not only this but also due to over-tourism and flocks of tourists arriving daily on cruise ships, all the popular destinations remain crowded throughout the year. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known for its amazing cuisine and the gorgeous canals, it is unfortunate that Amsterdam is now a part of highly populated tourist spots in the world. Another major reason for the capital city of the Netherlands to be a major tourist attraction is an extremely happening and vibrant nightlife. An amazing entertainment-filled nightlife combined with a deep cultural aspect means that Amsterdam is packed with tourists throughout the year. It is so high that according to statistical extrapolations and estimates it is expected that by 2025, the city will be hosting 23 million visitors annually. 

Hanoi Train Street, Vietnam

This is one of the most recognized streets throughout the world almost like the road leading to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris or the street leading to the DUMBO bridge in Brooklyn, New York. This street was primarily made famous during the Instagram era and is known for the vibrant shops, cafes and nightclubs on both sides of what is a train track. This is like one of the top places to click pictures now in Vietnam and due to that a huge number of travelers can be witnessed flocking around this street daily all around the year. As this train track is still functional, the crowd should not gather around this and thus to control the number of tourists entering this area, the government has shut down all the cafes in the area.