Are you always looking to put up those dazzling, fascinating pictures on your Insta-feed? Then, this blog is for you! These pretty locations are all the background you need to get those classy pictures out there for the world to see. Check out the 5 best photo locations in Europe and go get clicked!

1. Marienplatz, Munich, Germany

The history behind this great iconic landmark is that the column was erected in 1683 to celebrate the end of the Swedish occupation. A brilliant, beautiful sight, this appears best at 11 am, 12 pm and 5 pm. Why? Well, because at these hours, the Glockenspiel clock on Neues Rathaus, plays. This is a percussion instrument that is composed of a set of tuned keys arranged in the fashion of a keyboard of a piano. Get some artsy pictures here!

2. Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

This magnificent construction goes all the way from the west to the east side of Budapest, thus connecting Buda and Pest! At its end, you will find lionhead-shaped capstones, and if you’re heading here for some great pictures, make sure you come at night. The entire sight is all dazzle and lights and we guarantee those photos are gonna get some whooping number of likes!

3. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

What should we tell you of this exemplary, quintessential monument, that you haven’t heard already? Well, we certainly must tell you this. The Eiffel Tower has gone down in many albums throughout history and it definitely should make it to yours! Whether it’s you and your lovebird sneaking a kiss below it, or the cliché picture of you fitting this magnanimous structure in the palm of your hand or even of you just simply posing with an ice-cream below it, every single shot is just beauty at its best! There’s an astounding light display every hour after sunset, that you can watch if you’re here then. Make sure you ride the escalator to the top of the Tower and take a glimpse of the breath-taking view below!

4. Seegrotte, Vienna, Austria

This is one spooky place and will give you goosebumps if you know the tale lurking behind the walls of the cave. It was an underground cave system that was used as a Nazi Germany aircraft factory during World War II. The place itself sends chills down your spine, but stop for a second! Take a look around and a few shots right at the entrance where you’ll find a tunnel. Once you’re done posing, hop on to a boat and ride 60 metres under sea level! Get some chills and thrills!

5. Trevi Fountain, Italy, Rome

Would you like to pose at the exact same spot that was once a movie location for your favourite movie? This is your spot! A background in the Lizzie Mcguire movie, the Trevi Fountain has been in a lot of famous reel shows and continues to be a hot favourite! 85 feet tall, it was designed by Nicola Salvi and is till date, the largest Baroque Fountain in the city. What’s interesting is that it’s made from the same material as the Colosseum. However, while you try getting the perfect picture, beware not to take away any coins from the Fountain as this is a serious crime!