Happily Ever After!

Nobody talks about happily ever after, 

What after a marriage?

It’s the struggle to get to the airport, learn the foreign language and get around the place.

Here in Tripcultr, it’s not all the same.

We make sure your happily ever after is To Be continued…

Here are 10 Tips for planning a Luxury, picture-perfect Honeymoon.

1.Team up Mr & Mrs.

Don’t divide and conquer, you need to plan your honeymoon keeping in mind both your preferences. If he likes clubs and you like books.Try a resto-bar, there’s always plenty of options. So don’t put on your bossy pants and plan everything ahead without consulting your better half.

2. Simon Says No.

Like on Tests, you don’t copy other couples itinerary. It’s not hard making your own or connect with an agency like Tripcultr that customise according to your expectations. Every couple is different, itineraries aren’t one size fits all.

3.Third Wheeling 

Google can book everything but can it give you all the knowledge and best prices? Before you know it the whole trip comes crashing down.Third-wheeling from a distance A travel agent comes handy with the discounts, advice and insurance. You need a Mr Know it All to help you have an amazing time abroad.

4.Adventure Vs Relaxing 

There has to be a good amount of balance between these aspects. Some couples are so excited they try it all from hiking to snorkelling, while their personal time gets off the clock. A great amount of relaxation can create boredom, hence a balance is great as a pie.

5. Surprise Me!

While planning together with your future wifey don’t forget to sneak in surprises in between to get wows and awestruck moments. Make it special and personalized, she would love one in a foreign land.

6.Sleep Research

Let the hotel know it’s your honeymoon with special treats like bed and breakfast, couples massages or a bottle of champagne. Do a little dig about their best rooms, seafront windows or the accessibility.

7.Post Marriage Hustle

Yeah, movies might show you the after marriage drive to the airport, they look happy and beautiful. The Reality is that you would be exhausted with sweaty feet, take a day or two off and then proceed to the honeymoon. Give it time don’t rush into fatigue.

8.Hidden Far Away

Do not be naive and forget about the hidden costs tucked in a faraway country. Make a budget and carefully note the exclusions and inclusions. The add on might be tips, airport transfer costs or transportation.

9.The Dream to-do list

There might be tons of activities, so shortlist the places and activities you dreamed of doing. You can’t cover all within a week. A bit of planning and a bit of spontaneity goes a long way.

10.Wardrobe Parade 

Dress like Mr Right and Mrs Right, according to the weather, customs. can’t walk into a Buddhist temple with slippers and shorts.Neither can you go clubbing with your suits? 

PS. Do not invite your in-laws , Even if you are madly in love with their royal pamper.