Los Cabos, Mexico

Located on the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula in the state of Baja California Sur in Mexico. Los Cabos is a combination of two towns which goes by the names Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. These two towns are linked by a twenty-mile stretch called the Resort Corridor as it is full of golf courses and beachfront resorts. The high season here is from October to May. The town is filled with architecture from the colonial times and one such stand apart structure is the town’s parish church known by the name of Estero de las Palmas de San Jose del Cabo Mission and it was founded in 1730. The majority of tourists come for the twenty-mile corridor wherein they can enjoy all forms of luxuries right from the beaches in front of their resorts to amazing restaurants and bars.


Until 1995, Georgia was known as the Republic of Georgia, and it is a country located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is located at the meeting point of western Asia and eastern Europe. The capital city which is also the largest city is known as Tbilisi. The official languages spoken in this country are Georgian and Abkhazian. The main places that attract travelers from all over the world to this country are the resorts almost 103 of them which are located in different climatic zones making each different from the other, followed by more than 2,000 mineral springs and finally historical and cultural monuments out of which four of them are credited as UNESCO World Heritage Sites namely Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery, monuments of Mtskheta and Upper Svaneti.

Galway, Ireland

Positioned as a county in Ireland, Galway is located in the west part of Ireland. It is a part of the province named Connacht. The major attractions of this county are the numerous lakes that have some of them namely Lough Corrib, Aughrusbeg Lough, Lough Cutra and Lough Nafooey. The prime attractions here are the natural sights such as cliffs and lakes that draw travelers from all over the world.


An island country located in the eastern part of the Asian continent, Japan is now known for its technology, modern lifestyle, food especially ramen and the growing fashion culture. The unified language spoken throughout the country is Japanese. Japan has a very high number of travelers every year which is approximately around 19.73 mn if quantified. Japan has many spots that pull travelers from all over the globe some of the prominent spots. Japan has a total of 20 heritage sites such as Nara, Himeji Castle and Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. Other popular sights to see in Japan are Hiroshima, Tokyo, Mount Fuji and ski resorts like Niseko in Okinawa.


An island country situated on the Carribean Sea, Jamaica brings a vibrant picture in mind. The capital city is called Kingston and the languages spoken in Jamaica are Jamaican Patois and English. With artists like Bob Marley, it is evident that Jamaica has a lot to offer when it comes to culture. The musical genres of reggae, mento, and dub are quite famous here. The next most popular thing about Jamaica is the cuisine, the Jamaican Jerk Chicken is one of the most famous dishes of this country and known globally. Two other things famous here are the Red Stripe beer and the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.


Located in the country of spaghetti and Russo vino (red wine), Matera is a part of the Basilicata region in the Matera province of Italy. It lies in a canyon made by the Gravina river. Some of the major sites to see in Matera include the ancient town also known as Sassi di Matera, monasteries and churches such as the Matera Cathedral and cisterns and water collection facilities.

Vienna, Austria

The capital city and one of the best places to visit in Austria, Vienna has grown upwards on the tourism ladder due to many rightful reasons. The major language spoken here is German. Vienna sees approximately 14.96 mn travelers from all around the globe annually. It is majorly visited for conferences and conventions. In 2014, around 202 conferences were conducted in Vienna. Other than being the headquarters for multiple international organizations such as the International Congress and Convention Association, UN headquarters and many more, Vienna is also visited for its growing food culture.

Athenian Riviera, Greece

Situated in Greece, the Athenian Riviera is the coastal area located in the suburbs of Athens, Greece in the southward direction. The main areas to see in the Athenian Riviera include the Flisvos Marina, Lagonisi, Voula and Sounio as per the Greek National Tourism Organization. It enjoys a mild climate throughout the year with an annual mean temperature of about 19.4-degree celsius.


Tourism is one of the major and rapidly growing industries in India. The capital is called New Delhi. Over 10 mn foreign tourists visit India every year from all over the globe. There are about 38 world heritage sites in India recognized by UNESCO some of which are Kalka-Shimla Railway, Great Himalayan National Park, Qutub Minar, Fatehpur Sikri, Sanchi Stupa, Elephanta caves, Hampi, Churches, and convents of Goa, Mahabalipuram and so many more. Some of the top sights to see when visiting India are Houseboat in the Kerala backwaters, Udaipur City Palace, Palitana temples, Kailash temple, Jal Mandir in Shikharji, Bengal tiger in the Sunderbans, Radhanagar beach in the Havelock Islands of Andaman, Heritage train in Darjeeling, Mysore Palace and Konark Sun Temple and many more.

Swedish Lapland

Originally known as Lappland, it is the northernmost province in Sweden with Jamtland on its borders. The languages spoken here range from Sami to Swedish. The major culture followed in this region is that of the Sami community. The region also covers the towns on the Gulf of Bothnia which is a coastal area as well as border areas of Finland.