“Food is the only thing that unites every human being”


We all agree that food is indeed the basic necessity for every person out there. Some of us take that seriously and set out to explore new cuisine all over the world. But there is nothing like Indian food-the spices, centuries-old recipes, and enticing flavours.

Here’s a list of top 10 cuisines of India

Idli and Dosa-

Hailing from South India, this is one of the most popular dishes throughout the world. Prepared from rice, which is the staple food of South India, idli and dosa are prepared by soaking rice and lentils in water for six hours and is served with chutney or sambar. This dish is known as the perfect and healthy breakfast due to its nutritional values.

Chole Bhature-

A lip-smacking dish famous throughout Punjab is a dish you should try at least once in your life. Initially originated from the eastern Uttar Pradesh it is a combination of chana (chick peas) masala and bhatura (a fried bread made from maida). This dish is so popular that a facebook community declared chole bhature day back in 2013.

Pav Bhaji-

This dish doesn’t even need any introduction, it is one of the most popular street foods. Originated in the state of Maharashtra, this dish consists of thick vegetable curry which is served with soft bread (pav). Just have this dish once and you will ask for more due to its mouth-watering taste.

Tunde ke Kebab-

This Lucknow based dish is famous for its ingredients which comprise around 150 spices. This dish is prepared using various recipes that include chicken or mutton and is known for its juicy flavour. It is also heard that the meat of these kebabs are so soft that it just feels like you are having a gulab jamun (a famous dessert).

Rogan Josh-

Straight of Kashmir, this is one dish that you won’t regret trying. Comprising of various spices, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic this is an aromatic lamb curry that still has its roots that traces back to the Persian cuisine. This dish will leave you licking your fingers and asking for more rounds.

Butter Chicken-

The dish that put Indian food on the world map, butter chicken is the most favourite and popular dish throughout the world. Prepared using ingredients like various spices, boneless chicken, yogurt and garlic paste will stun your tastebuds. Even Gordon Ramsay was inspired to learn the recipe for this dish.

Kolkata sweets-

West Bengal known for its rich culture is famous for producing some of the best sweet dishes in India. Roshagulla is the most popular sweet dish prepared out of spongy soft mishtis soaked which is soaked in syrup. Misti Doi is a fermented sweet yogurt prepared with sugar or jaggery and is comparatively thicker than normal yogurt. Cham Cham is a sweet dish made by curdling milk and then shaping it into cylindrical shapes later on garnished with coconut or mawa.

Hyderabadi Biryani-

The most loved and the famous dish throughout the world, Biryani entered the hearts of Indians with the incoming of the Mughals and ever since it has been rooted in India. What makes Hyderabad biryani unique is the mode of cooking and ingredients that includes rice, meat, yogurt, onions and the various amount of spices that give it an exotic flavour.

Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka saag-

One of the prominent food of Punjab is known for its rich and satisfying flavours. Prepared from cornflour and mustard leaves, this dish is known to have high nutritional value and is best during winters.

Dal Baati Churma-

One of the most healthy and popular dishes originating from Rajasthan this dish is indeed a treat to the stomach. Dal is prepared using tuvar, chana or mung dal along with baati, which is hard bread made of wheat. It is one dish that you might have never tried before.