India is mysterious yet manages to be one of the most interesting destinations you will ever have visited. Some places are quirky, interestingly carries a history and is based on the Hindu belief of possession. If you are interested in traveling to weird, uncharted places then this is your blog.

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan inhabits at least 20,000 rats, called ‘Kabbas’. These creatures are known to be the other form of Goddess Karni Mata, which is known as a highly sacred goddess. These kabbas live around the temple freely and are often spotted to be drinking milk from the huge bowl offered to them. Every day, many devotees visit this temple to worship and feed the rats. It is also believed that a white mouse, is lucky when it shows up, one is supposed to receive the blessings as a sign of good luck from god.


Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu is known as one of the holiest places in India, as this place is where Rama’s Vanara Sena built a floating stone bridge that goes across to Sri Lanka. The stones that were used for the bridge being built had the name of Rama inscribed on all of them, and the unusual fact was that they never sank, instead floated on the water. You will still find these ‘floating stones’ in Rameshwaram and are also a main tourist destination in the town.

Magnetic Hill

Located in Ladakh is at a height of 3,352.8 meters, Magnetic Hill is very phenomenal in unusual places. It is known for its magnetic properties that pull an object uphill, even if the ignition of a vehicle is turned off. This unusual activity is usually the result of an optical illusion created by the gravitational force by the hill. Owing to this unusual yet interesting phenomenon, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Living Root Bridges

Do you know about natural bridges that build by itself?
Situated in Meghalaya to the West Jaintia Hills and East Khasi Hills has the stunning marvel of Nature – Living Root Bridges. These bridges are rubber tree roots that are located in the trunk of the plant and each of the roots reaching the other bank of the stream, they are ingrained in the rich soil and made strong with pebbles and stones. It takes at least 15 years for the bridge to build and get stronger without manpower. A fun fact about these bridges is that they can last for several hundreds of years.