India is the land of diversity and there is a whole lot of India yet to be discovered by the common Indian man. So why not get to know about our country has its own different paradises and consider going and then being awestruck for life? Here are some in dreamy places in India that you should definitely consider for your next expedition.

1. The valley of flower (Uttarakhand)

Or as I call the magical valley of flower is unreal in each and every sense. You will be mesmerized after being surrounded by exotic flowers that you might have never seen or thought of seeing. And the icing on the cake is the view of the snowcapped mountains from the luscious green meadows. You will not even feel like you are on earth at this place. One should definitely go for a trek at this world heritage site to capture its beauty.

2. Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)

This hill station in the south is the total depiction of how varied our mountains and weather is throughout the country. You will not believe that you are in the south of India and rather on top of some mountains surrounded amidst beautiful luscious forests. The best things about kodaikanal is the misty atmosphere, the Kodai lake and its boat rides, the sambar that is to die for and of course the rain that makes the place all the more beautiful.

3. Pahalgam (Kashmir valley)

Admits the great Himalayan range, located in the very own heaven of India, Kashmir, situates a small city called Pahalgam. Mostly known for activities like trekking, fishing, and camping, Pahalgam is everything you had imagined a scenery drawing to be like, in your childhood, with the Himalayan mountains covering it, with the Liddar river flowing near it, it feels like you are in a painting. It is also one of India’s only saffron growing areas. I can say that this place has been saved from being commercialized and one can enjoy this place with utter peace and solace and not see any chips wrappers or cola cans lying around disturbing the scenery.

4. Khajjar (Dalhousie)

One can consider this place as the Indian version of Switzerland. Khajjar is a must go place for anyone who is in Dalhousie. It is a small lush plateau with its own small lake and believe me or not it has its own NINE-HOLE-GOLF-COURSE in the middle of the breathtaking landscape, I mean it has ticked all the boxes for a place to be verified as a paradise. All the thrill seekers must be very excited to hear this as it has some adventurous activities like zorbing, trekking, horse riding and paragliding.

5. Port Blair (Andaman)

After talking about all the mountainous paradises, lets now talk about the most beautiful costal paradise, Port Blair. It is the heart of Andaman and offers you everything you for a fine getaway. Your time at the beaches will pass by in seconds and the sunsets are even more beautiful when you are looking at it from the vast beaches. All you can see is the vast sea and the bountiful horizon. The seafood is delicious, cheap and beautiful looking. The famous cellular jail is present over here too.

Trust me, nature will never fail to surprise you.