It’s Annoying to Just witness Solo women trips and blogs, isn’t it?
In the feminist centric World, one man could always feel left out.
Here in Tripcultr, we provide you exclusively
Why Men need a timeout from their desk jobs to an open green landscape.
This blog will Answer the most common 

The Three W

Where to Travel?
Single and Male
Looking out for adventure 
Check these HOT places
We provide destinations with adventure being the main focal point.


+Eastern Loop motorbike adventure in Vietnam

+Maasai Mara Wildlife Safari in Kenya

+ Everest base camping Trek in Nepal

+Ice Climbing and Ice Cave in Greenland

+Dana to Petra Trek in Jordan

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Why Should You Go, Solo?
The very reason you are reading this blog 
Is Cause your Gut tells you so!

Isn’t Life monotonous?
Aren’t you unhappily working ?
Don’t you want to explore beyond the Desk?

Here are few perks

Spontaneously Yours:
One advantage of being single and male is planning a solo spontaneous trip, whenever in doubt take a round trip ticket and sell your fears out.
I highly suggest a packed suitcase 
In case boredom kills you.
You could always take a break from the hustle bustle to the Open of uncertainty.

Explore Beyond the You & Me:
Aren’t we confined to think this World is limited to Home, Office and sometimes the bar.
Isn’t us being naive cute?
Lay on a beach and experience the limitless , something beyond you, me and the Internet.
This Big Wide World, Open and calling
It’s just a ticket away.

Adventure is knocking :
The above suggestions and much more stays awaiting your presence to store up lifetime of memories. You need to discover alone, to shut up those voices that tell you, you are not alone.
The one who enjoys his own company and truly understand the value of others company.
Travelling humble ones soul by defining the uncertainty at Road, similar to Life in its purest form.

WTF moments?

Many Wtf moments are bound to cross paths along with big Wows 
1.Being a man you are prone to pickpockets.
Prefer zipped pockets or deep pockets.
2.Drinking to a limit and No Drugs.
Remember you don’t have friend to drive you home.
3.Most men are Risk-takers 
+ Do not Risk to leave your bag unattended
+ Do not Risk to skip a scuba class and dive in.
+Do not Risk going unplanned.
4.Be Less Intimidating and Creepy.
Have an open communication posture 
Keep in mind the culture while talking to Women and Stay open to criticism.

Writers Note:
Most importantly,
Stay at you feet 
With a happy smile 
And your travelling pants.
Cause why should women have all the fun?

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