Colour, Colour which Colour.

Blue Vs Brown
Sea Vs Mountains
What Do you prefer?
Lazing at a beach or a rocky trek
Seafood cuisine or packed lunch
pina colada or a strong beer 
Surfing or Skiing.
You be the Judge as we lay out your options, customised and customer centred trip only on

The Versus

Sun, Sand and Sail Edition

Personality Tester 
An extrovert doesn’t mind the crowd and outgoing characterist

Weather Tester 
Accept a Suntan
Sunny, windy and sandy
A humid, salty air.

Hearing Tester
The sound of waves 
Chattering of the crowd.

Motor Skills tester 
+Water skis
+Boogie board
+ Sunning
+Para sailing
+Wind surfing
+Bathing suits a necessity

See, Sweat and Ski edition

Personality Tester 
Introvert, reserved, listener and Nature lover.

Weather Tester 
Cool breeze, rocky paths, a shady canopy of trees, a perfect secluded hideaway
With fresh, dry air.

Hearing Tester

Chirping Birds
Sound of wind
The rustle of the leaves

Motor Skills Tester 
+Long Hikes
+nature photography
+mountain biking
+Water skis
+Snow skis
+Hiking boots
+Extra layers a necessity

Pro and Cons
Lodging options are fewer in mountainous regions compared to the beachy region.
Melanoma avoid the beach 
Breathing problems avoid the hike.
An explorer its the mountains calling 
A partygoer the beach is your go-to.

Ps.If you love both you are an ambivert, it’s great cause you probably have many options.