Go Solo tripping, it’s in Vogue now
Depressed? Need some me time?
Just had a two-year long relationship break up?
Or just tired about the monotonous 9 to 6 work hours and blaring traffic.
A Solo trip might be frightening initially Just take a leap of Faith 
the exhilaration of Independence is an adventure behind closed doors
I’m here today to break your social fears binding you to explore beyond the unseen
Man is a social animal, let’s break that monotone first.
Shall we?

Philosophically : 
Isn’t life a solo trip in itself?

Merits :
1. Giving Importance to “Me “in this whole big, wide world.
2. No Distractions, you can do things on your own time.
3.Zero Judgments- Your own your own 
You could bungee jump or sleepover 
No one is going to ask you.
4. Meet New people, you are prone to talk to locals, cab drivers, friendly chat with a stranger.
(Unless he doesn’t trick you into spending money )
5.Self Reflection
I do not know of anyone who cannot self reflect when they are alone by the beach or at a Historical site

Demerits :
1. Do not Talk to every stranger
2. Study the place and people beforehand.
3.Know a few words in the local language 
4. Keep your Cellphone, Wallet and pepper spray close.
5. Have Fun but also stay smart.

Six Step Rule To plan any Solo Trip.

Step one: Money, Honey!
Cash is important unless your an influencer being sponsored.
A word called ” Savings ” can be a lifeguard.
Save a penny each month –
It’s a saying (save few notes)
Budget it :
Must cover all expenses
Also safety deposit in case of a rainy day.
So do the Math!!

Step two: Name the Place
Remember Name, Place, Animal
Name: Decide your place, check about its safety for solo travellers
Place: Every Place has its set of unsaid cultural rules, dress appropriately!
Animal: Beware of mosquitoes

Your destination should come with these perks:
+ Friendly population
+Network area
+ Safety 
+English speaking crowd

Step Three: Do your Research
It’s interesting to know where you’re going beforehand 
+Study maps 
+ Read about Culture
+ Shortlist places you want to visit.
(A key to a good journey is half parts of leisure and half parts of sightseeing)
+ Get to know the language
+ Mode of Transportation
+Read Reviews
+ Befriend a local guide.

Step Four: The Sky Is Calling 
Book your flight tickets beforehand
Be present two hours before take off.
You can’t afford to miss it
Since you are solo.

Step Five: Beauty Sleep
A hotel with a great view , good reviews, tummy filling breakfast and strong Wifi 
Is a Great start to a perfect vacation.
It’s to your advantage if it’s near to the list of places you want to visit.
Hotel Cab service is a must do .

Step six: My itinerary
Nothing is as fun as preparing your own itinerary, keeping in mind the transportation
Rent a Car or take public transportation.
Research on the entry ticket, time and special events if any.
Plan an itinerary according to your comfort and best interest
Ps.Suggestion to hit the bar near to your