Ummm…. It has been more than 12 days since Mumbai in locked down. The only city in India where the daily rush was a culture and now the same thing is completely absent. How the Mumbaikars are spending their Quarantine time? Are you guys watching movies or web series? Or helping your mom in household chores? Pampering yourself? Or Wake-Eat-Sleep-Repeat? Or has become a big fat lazy bird?

In short, everyone seems to be bored sitting in the house and are eager to step out as soon as the lockdown ends. But what you will do? Are you planning to do something? Now, no worries, you will turn from lazy bird to a happy bird after 16 days of lockdown. Till then, we are here to help you to prepare your bucket list of what to do after you step out to Bombay streets.

Hang out at Marine Drive:

To all the couples who are missing their loved ones or the Gang of buddies who haven’t met for long can have some crazy fun as well as romance on the Marine Drive, Mumbai. Fill your storage with a lot of selfies and take a mesmerising walk under the dusky sunset.

Breathe in on the beautiful sandy beaches

Mumbai, is known for its beautiful beaches & Mumbaikars are in love with beaches and therefore much crowd is seen on the golden sand. Go hand in hand with your beloved ones and enjoy the fresh air and cool climate on the Mumbai beaches.

Enjoy the ChatPata Chat!

Bhel puri, Panipuris, Ragda… we can get the feeling of not eating these flavoursome chat which Mumbaikars love! So, do eat these wonderful cuisines when you go on a date with your lover or friends.

Grab that Vada pav!

This is the yummiest thing that Bombay public has missed the most. So, when you walk down on streets, make sure that you grab the tasty hot and spicy vada pav, also samosa to tickle your taste buds which is I guess is dead by eating khichdi.

Hit the Gym asap!

After eating your favourite delicious yummy food, it’s the perfect time to hit the gym. Home workout session was quite boring without equipment. Hence, hitting the gym will work best to wave off that lazy creature in you.

Party Hard!

Even the Video calls seem to be an easy way of socialising but meeting with a hug is the damn things we need to have when we meet our quirky friends. So, make a call, plan the party and go wild! Senior citizens can go to their Happie clubs, parks, and kittys (for ladies) to meet their kind of friends.

Plan a short trip

Have a chance to get out of your sweet home that you are finding boring right now. Plan a short trip with your FamJam or friends to the nearest location from Mumbai to Goa or Mumbai to Alibaug so that you can have a fresh mood to start your office work. You can even take Mumbai Darshan on a short span of time. And if you are willing to have a major change to lift up your mood after the long quarantine, then book a tour with Tripcultr, a perfect travel guide to go with.

Chill with CCD/Starbucks coffee

Coffee is healing magic that will not only make you strong but will also boost your mood. Coffee is a true guy/girl to energize you with that needed charm. Seriously!

Girls…just drive towards Beauty Salons

No more comments when it comes to beauty. You might have got irritated due to grown eyebrows, dull face, hair spa. So before meeting your boyfriends, first meet your beauty experts and get yourself that gorgeous look.

It will be the time to do anything & everything that your heart desires. Till then Stay Home, Maintain Social Distancing & Let the Mother Earth & Nature Heal !!