Bread, well to be said shortly and crisply, this is the most loved and consumed form of carbohydrate. But the question remains how much do you love bread? Would you go the distance just to taste some amazing bread? Well, if your answer to the previous question is in the affirmative, then here we give some of the top locations all over the globe to go and taste some unique, mouthwatering and soul-fulfilling bread.

Deep dive in the oven
A form of ultimate bread making, the shop in Armenia with the name of Gntuniq is known for its massive bread-making oven known as the Tonir oven and has been in use for decades now. The baker dives into an oven which approximately 4 feet from the ground to place the dough as close to the fire as possible. It is very daring and not for the weak-hearted. Skhirtladze Davit is the champion bread maker here, and visit this store and you can get a glimpse of this process yourself. Thanks to the kind of job, these breadmakers don’t need to hit the gyms due to constant full-body exercise they do the entire day. The bread baked here is known as shotespirit and is a staple in Georgia.

This bread cathedral is just for viewing
In Sicily, Italy a cathedral might not just be made for divine purposes and to stand the test of time. It could also be made for the entertainment of the locals and travelers alike. Here in Sicily, an entire cathedral is made out of edible bread, right from the corridors to the arches as well as the walls. Every Easter in the town of San Biagio, Italy an entire cathedral is made out of pieces of bread, cereals, and kinds of pasta. The entire structure is created by the locals and takes approximately three months to get done.

Only the best baguettes would do
Baguettes and France especially Paris is like olive oil to Italy or cheese to the swiss. It is in every cafe, in every traveler’s backpack and every story of the Parisian lifestyle. But there is one man in the whole city of Paris who makes it the best. The correct taste, fluffiness, and texture and that are Mahmoud M’Seddi, the second generation of a Tunisian immigrant. Making a perfect baguette is an art according to Mr. Mahmoud, he says it requires patience, attention, and efficiency to make the perfect piece of this bread every single time. A perfect baguette would have a crispy crust with a hole filled core and crumbs which would feel slightly moist on the surface.

It’s not just a loaf of bread, it’s more of a cake
With a composition of 30% butter and 30% sugar, this bread is more like a cake or else let’s settle on a pastry. This is Kouign Amman, a specialty pastry-like bread from the region of Northern France, the words derive from the words butter and cake. it is thus safe to say that it is a piece of heaven filled with butter and sugar. In the city of Douarnenez, France with a population of meager 15,000 people, this is a small city to make such a huge impact in the world of bread. You could visit the museums and chapels when in Dournene but the actual reason to plan a trip here is to visit Boulangerie de Plomarc’h where pastry chef Theirry Lucas makes the best Kouign Amman pastry in the world. Would you believe that this pastry was made by mistake for the first time? Well yes, when a certain baker ran out of goods to bake bread, he just mixed flour, butter and sugar lying around in his bakery and that’s how Kouign Amman was made for the first time.

Bringing the community back together
This baker is making a community by uniting all the Jews in a Ukrainian town with the help of Challah bread. Baker Aaron Levitz, originally from New York, fell in love with the country of Ukraine and loved the community-building spirit of the country and decided to do the same with the Jews in Ukraine. He thus decided to open up a bakery in Uzhgorod, Ukraine to make the best challah bread there in his bakery called Brooklyn Bakery. He with his bakery is trying to create pieces of bread and pastries that help in bringing the community together by baking many traditional recipes at the same time bringing American classics and favorites to attract new customers.