Prague, also known as the city of a hundred spires may be a supernatural place, known  globally as a hub of historical and cultural significance and lucky to be one amongst the few major European cities that evaded devastation throughout both World Wars. I left Berlin in a Train to Prague. It takes roughly 4 hrs to reach Prague from Berlin. Czech Republic is home to a host of awesome National Parks, small stunning towns, and medieval castles. Prague’s medieval astronomical clock is the 3rd oldest in the world and the oldest functioning astronomical clock. You can conjointly climb the tower for beautiful 360 degree views. Charles Bridge is a 14th century arched structure that connects the Castle side to the Old Town side of Prague. Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are sights you must see. The National Capital Castle is listed within the Guinness Book of World Records because the largest ancient castle within the world and currently homes the President of the European nation. Cafe Savoy was the perfect lunch spot on the Castle side of the river. It’s a 15 minute walk from Charles Bridge. We found delicious dinner choices at Nostress and Cafe Imperial And don’t miss Bakeshop for coffee and pastries. The nightlife in Prague is one of the craziest you will ever experience. What exactly can you expect? Well, be prepared for anything and everything. Do you need loud music, flashing lights, and a sweaty night of regret? How about a few chill, relaxed kick back with your friends? Maybe just drinking by the Vltava River as the sun sets!