Imagine a Royal vacation after a new chapter of the newlyweds reopens to a lavish celebration of Love away from the crowds. This Royal edition takes you through a high-end destination with cakes and cruises. For a mouth opening discount visit Tripcultr.  A perfect rendezvous for you and your partner. Abroad had it all the perfect setting, time and location whether it’s on a bridge with the lights on or a roadside dance, you could be who you are in a place not home.

The Royal Five, making historic memories.

Dominican Republic 

A Caribbean nation that shares the island with Haiti. A great panoramic view of blue beaches, high-end resorts and golfing. With rainforest, savannah and highlands terrains. Take a romantic hike or camp at the base of Pico Duarte, the Caribbean’s tallest mountain. The Capital Santo Domingo marks Spanish landmarks giving a Gothic vibe at the Catedral Primada.


A coral-based archipelago with an Atlantic Ocean location. In numbers it’s 700-plus islands. Varies from uninhabited islands to packed resorts. The Grand Bahama hosts many large-scale hotels, best known for deep Scuba diving and fun snorkelling sites. Must dive deep into the Andros Barrier Reef, Thunderball Grotto and Bimini for an exceptional underwater discovery.


Always added at the honeymoon packages, France is the definition of love with its great weather, friendly people and yum croissant. Home to Paris the Hub where love happens, walk into the Louvre to witness the glass shaped pyramid and other exceptional arts like “The Mona Lisa”. Explore the many cafes lined up at the Eiffel Tower. Give your taste buds the richness of its wines and sophisticated cuisine. Must visit Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings. Witness the best of classic entertainment at Lyon’s Roman theatre. Dipped in rich history the Palace of Versailles and it’s magical gardens


Fish chips and fries this expensive destination is the place where one can share love royally. With the Big Ben ticking and puppet shows, the oldest clock that keeps going is a sight. London Bridge a great drive-through Not to forget the London’s Eye an observation deck kind off giant wheel giving you the best views of the highlights. Buckingham Palace the Royals place a great place to visit the soldiers dressed in red and indulge in souvenirs signed by the Queen.


The capital of the Netherlands. Decorated with the artistic heritage, systematic canal system and narrow laned houses. Shout out to one of the best Museums Like the Van Gogh Museum, bringing out the modern art. Cycling is key to the city’s as it’s the Venice of the North. Not to forget the heart touching museum of Anne Frank and her life story in the display.


It’s living the true-blue island Life. The backdrop of sun, sand, waters and a hammock lounging with a book recommended. Swim and snorkel at the Anse Volbertor at Mahe. The country was popular for spice trade and is perfectly displayed at the Le Jardin du Roi Spice Garden, where a visit will help you learn the spice trade. Don’t forget to explore the beauty of this island quaint capital, Victoria.