The capital of Germany’s Bavaria region, Munich is best known for its beer-fuelled autumn Oktoberfest, but there’s more than just lederhosen and steins on offer in this city.

The historic heart of Munich is full of beautiful architecture; the Medieval city gates and Gothic Neue Rathaus (New Town Hall) to the ornate churches, fountains and market squares are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Germany. And while you’re at Marienplatz, don’t miss the glockenspiel – this mechanical clock has 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures which puts on a 15-minute show with scenes from Munich’s history at 11am and 12pm every day (plus an extra show at 5pm between March and October). I couldn’t resist to taking ourselves to what is defined as the number one attraction of the city, and considering that everyone kept repeating to us that no visit to Munich is complete without popping by the well-known beer hall Hofbrauhaus beer hall. In fact the Hofbrauhaus is the oldest beer hall in Munich and it was originally founded as a brewery for the royal residence but it’s stayed public and owned by the Bavarian Government ever since. Every long wooden table was filled with plenty of beer, steaming food, giant salty pretzels and jolly people having a good time. Then I raised my eyes and noticed the amazing colourful decoration on the ceiling, the typical Bavarian architecture and the big and heavy looking iron lights. It felt very welcoming and even if it was full of people it felt in a way cozy too. We walked around a little bit and eventually decided to sit down to see what the fuss was all about. We managed to find a little corner sharing a table with someone else and made our order of two 1 litre sized glasses of beer (it’s the only way they serve beer).


I’m so glad we did take our time, we sat down and enjoyed our drinks and food. I finally understood why the Hofbräuhaus and beer halls in general are such a popular thing amongst tourists but also much more for locals. Soon we tend to get immersed by the standard and fun hall atmosphere, enjoying taking note of the Bavarian Oompah band taking part in to stay the spirit high, enjoyed the homemade brewage surrounded by a lovely environment and a great traditionally designed hall.