The crowd, pollution, hawkers, markets bustling with activities in popular cities are well known. Yet here are few pretty brilliantly functioning cities that have gone unnoticed. Bringing to your attention these hidden hustle bustle that is kept undercover, they might inspire you enough for you to go visit them. Until then keep your passports open and travel bags closed!

Essaouira, Morocco
Other places in Morocco receive more attention than Essaouira as it would be the last place on your itinerary and a time consuming one. It’s also a Shame on how people don’t visit the best ones, it’s cultural richness and the laid back vibe is contagious. Travelers travel that far for kite surfing or Game of Thrones unrevealing. The mouth-watering Moroccan food is quite a demand. The beaches have a strange sight of turquoise water and camel on the beach with colorful kites.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
This place is truly underrated and not at all touristy in any way. Yet it makes to the list with crowded City mosque located in the Ganges providing tropical plantation along the Buriganga River. It tops the list of interesting sightseeing with a rich history, religious buildings, markets, and monuments. The Sadarghat Port is enough to give you a glimpse of entire Bangladesh.

São Paulo, Brazil
Often overlooked by tourists yet is the most vibrant city in Brazil. It celebrates living in harmony with a lot of ethnicity and cultures, having a very welcoming neighbourhood vibe. To top all that is the popularity of famous restaurants, art galleries, and metropolitan populations. One would wonder why it wasn’t in any Brazilian tourist list. Its local activities are open year-round and one can experience a world-class dip into the Brazilian cuisine.

Richmond, United States
A place in the US being underrated is a look through the capital of Virginia presenting some of the finest mouth-watering restaurants, vibrant street art, and local entertainment. This city had it all from the isolated, colorful hipster street style painted across walls to the classy quaint book stores and museums. Fun fact it’s one of the most tattooed cities in town.

Skopje, Macedonia
The Macedonian wonder is a European easy dollar with its small geographical area and cheap monetary values. This quirky fun living city has got a major change with civic buildings and bronze statues. There was an attempt to increase tourism with the prompt idea of patriotism. Visit the Ottoman era bazaars, Parisian style ‘Arc De Triomphe’ and London’s double-decker buses. Its a fusion of everything you know European.