They are praised and boasted about but what lies beneath is only known by the visitors. Here are some overrated cities that could surprise you and also burst your interest in them like a balloon. Like the saying goes ” Never meet your heroes ” Never expect more from any city. The media could hypnotize but the reality says otherwise, here are a few truth bombers. Ready or not? Here they come.

Paris – The Rude.
Paris might be boasted about its architectural beauty of the Eiffel Tower and the vibes of love that goes around the city. The well-loved Louvre is known for its art and fashion icon. Paris might be known for so much more but is truly underrated with it’s blunt and impolite nature towards tourists. You might find irritated vendors and non friendly Parisians which completely throws off the excitement of being in Paris.

New York – Stinks!
New York is known for the central park, fast and thriving population, Broadway, Times Square and the beginning of every Hollywood struggling actor. But the city sure does stink and is very unsafe at night. After the 9 /11 the drawbacks are very well seen by less acceptance to outsiders. The overpriced meals, small places to live and blaring traffic might be very unpleasant to live and enjoy the sights in.

Amsterdam – It’s Flat.
This popular city compared to Venice is super flat due to the floods that took place back in the day. With no mountains, it’s hard to hike and shorter buildings don’t seem very metropolitan. The worst part is food at the coffee shop is slack due to the drug smuggling that takes place. Every coffee shop is a hub for druggies to pick their “Pot ” of coffee. With prostitution being legal many visits to this place for pleasure.

Rio De Janeiro – Dangerous in daylight.
This spectacular wonder of artistic beauty is featured in movies. Popular for its steep hills, blue seas and buildings it’s one of the booming cities with a population of various cultural identities. From car racing to the urban street parade it’s also a hotspot for various criminal activity promoting violence throughout the city. You gotta be smart and stay out of many parts of the city, restricting to limited exploration as a tourist.

England – Air that could Kill!
World wide celebrated city for Buckingham, Big Ben and Thames has a very gory history with World Wars and revolution. We couldn’t blame them for their impoliteness and pollution drowning city. It was voted the second most unfriendly city in the world. There was a time that the pollution in the air killed people and bombings lead to several unconstructed buildings.