“Life is all about finding new places, meeting new people and making new memories”

                                                                                                                     – Tripcultr

Germany, a western European country known for its beautiful landscapes covered with forests, rivers, mountain ranges, and stunning beaches is one of the most amazing places to visit. Germany is home to many historical sites with a history of over 2 millennia. This place also hosts exotic nightlife scenes and is primarily known for its Oktoberfest and beer halls.

Here are the most beautiful places to visit in germany

1- The Berlin Wall

One of the most iconic destinations in Germany, the berlin wall was built by the german democratic republic as a concrete barrier that divided Berlin from east Germany between the period of 1961-1989. This places carries a long history and is a must-see destination in Germany.

2- Brandenburg Gate

A picturesque location, this is a neoclassical monument in the stunning city of berlin. This sandstone monument was built on the orders of the Prussian king Frederick William II during the early Batavian Revolution.

3- Cologne Cathedral-

A world heritage site, the cologne cathedral is one of the largest catholic churches in Europe. One of the most renowned monuments of german catholic, it is the seat of the archbishop of cologne with spectacular gold artworks and stained glass windows.

4- The Black forest

An enchanting yet one of the most stunning places to visit in Germany, this place is Germany’s top-rated destination. A beautiful place for trekking and skiing, which calls out all the adventure seekers out there. This place is also popular for Black Forest Cake & Cuckoo Clock.

5- Neuschwanstein castle

A fairytale place standing tall at the top of the German alps, the stunning Neuschwanstein castle was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria in honor of Richard Wagner. This palace also offers one of the most beautiful landscapes with its magnificent drawbridges and turrets that just make it more amazing.