Highlighted by Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea at its North- Western boarders.
A country based in North Africa.
Morocco is known for its warm temperatures 
(Throw of your jackets )
Dry  weather for Safaris.
( Lion King lover?)
Tri- cultural influences of European, Berber and Arabian lifestyles.
Morocco is basically the California of the Arabians.
It’s ironic as it has the same size and population similar to California

Maneuvering Through Morocco
Classic Famous Cities

Run through Rabat 
– Capital of Morocco
– Boss of the Atlantic Coast 

Say it  “Casablanca”

– It’s few miles off to Rabat (pretty close)
– A fan of Game of thrones?
Mission impossible
Mummy Returns 
All filmed at this very place.

Cities like Fez, Tangier, Marrakech
Lies at the meeting point of Africa and Europe
Hence runs deep in Historic richness

Common Moroccan Addiction:

– Marrakech’s Medina 
It’s markets, it’s beaches for surfers all over the world
It’s exotic mud steam baths 
Rooftop restaurants
Giving an West coast Arab Vibe

Morocian Habibi !

– Have their own interesting way of doing things 
– Basically they know three languages
French, Spanish and Arabic 
Natively spoken 
– Haven for creative writers
– has been a source of great wine for over 2000 yrs
– every visitor can testify without dispute that the cuisine here can entice everyone’s taste buds!

Author’s note- 

With such natural allure it’s hard not to pay a visit to this magical land.