A dreamland – The United States has made an irreversible effect on the world, its cultural imprints are worldwide, right from the language English to Jeans to McDonald’s.
Ranking in economy and military.

Facts & Facts 
– Suprised?
They do not have an official language.
-Pizza is sold in 100 acres every day.
The Food obsession is real.
-The Flag was designed by a student.
God bless America!
-Thanks to them, inventors of the Internet
– Out of eight Americans, one has always worked in McDonald’s.
Hoot to the dignity of labour.

Outlook on Major five states 
A crisp, short, customized Guide to your

1. California The Casanova

-Description: beaches, the redwood forest and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
– Los Angeles proudly presents the fame in white “Hollywood”
– Right near the Pacific Ocean 
Capital: Sacramento.

Yosemite National Park
– know for its sequoia trees
-Tunnel view and museum.
– located in the Sierra Nevada mountains

Golden Gate Bridge a one mile wide Bridge connecting San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles may strike you as a Gamblers game but is also famous for its popular Hollywood, the nightlife at Venice Beach and the Lakers.

Built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney, also listed as the happiest place to be on earth.

Here are a few Rides 

1.Star Wars Tours
Faster, better and Tech savvy
Updated each year 
Makes it to the Top of Rides.

2.Spooky Haunted Mansion
From painting themes like Halloween
To silly character animatronics, sing-along songs, an elevator.

3.Space Mountain 
With a train shooting up at first climb, the surf-rock music drumming in your ears, the virtual near-miss with another train once you’re in the tracks, who would want to miss?

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Santa Monica

Santa Monica cannot be pronounced without a Beach
Highlights are Palisades Park, with views over the Pacific Ocean. 
Santa Monica Pier is home to the fun-filled rollercoaster and Pacific Park amusement park, must not miss historic Looff Hippodrome Carousel 
Santa Monica Pier Aquarium can male one feel deep into the sea.

Universal Studios
Every Epic Movie starts from this Studio

You simply can’t miss its Eye Candy of themed Rides and attraction.

Discover The All Famous Jurassic Park Ride

With Raptor encounter with friendly Raptors.

Come play at DinoPlay

DinoPlay designed for kids area with new activities for our younger guests.

Isla Nu-Bar
Inspired tropical refreshments at the Isla Nu-bar down your throat with a tiki cocktail beneath the shady thatched roof.
Such a cooler!

Jurassic Café

Do you have a huge Dinosaur appetite  Jurassic Café is the perfect spot for a tasty bite of Costa Rican inspired cuisine?

Jurassic Outfitters
Must take home t-shirts, hats, drinkware and jewellery.
Cause I
Universal Studio has it All.

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San Diego.

In short San Diego has a location San Diego Diego has a location by the Pacific Ocean which provides a lush green environment and blue beaches.
You cannot Return without a trip to
Balboa Park situated at San Diego Zoo, 
Walk and watch Art Galleries
artistic studios, lovely museums and gardens.
A harbour is home to the USS Midway, an aircraft-carrier-turned-museum, open to the public.

Shout out to San Francisco
Also known as SF has a mixed cultural neighbourhood and spectacular destinations, also known as the most walkable city and home to the white collared Silicon Valley

Fisherman’s Warf 
Visiting this place 
You cannot miss the Ripley’s Believe it or not  -This queer museum is everything
To the Finger licking famous Rainforest Cafe, an evening at the Aquariums Bay
Ghirardelli Square must visit Shopping Mall. 
Museé Mécaniqué Museum
Will make you stop and stare.

Alcatraz Island
Deeply woven with American history 
With prison call and incarcerations.
Must take the Behind the Scenes tour
In the lesser known prison island.
Future IDs
An artwork inspired platform depicting 
The history of the people convicted.

2.Oregon In A Jist.

– located in the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest
– one can spot a collection of Mountain, beaches and forests
– home to the Japanese garden and Portland Art Museum

Highlights :

Crater Lake National Park
Cascade of the mountain derives its name  from a collapsed volcano
The Rim drive offers a view of this collapsed volcano.
Sun Notch a trail giving a view to the Phantom ship a Small Island.

Mount Hood
Volcanic mountain with featured Timber lodges, place To Ski, Hike and climb
Dominated by 11 glaciers and is above sea level must visit for Snow Lovers.

 People come for microbreweries and coffeehouse, apart from its famous Zoo, eco-friendly and thriving art.
Obviously making it Oregon’s largest city.


– Named after the first president of America, George Washington
-Capital: Olympia
– Largest city: Seattle


Olympic National Park in campusing the mountain of Olympus and a Marine sanctuary, backpacking through this rainforest is a popular sport.

Space Needle overlooking the cities vistas, the gravity of the Space Needle is 5 feet above the ground, attracts 2 million and more tourist every year.

North Cascades National Park contains humongous glaciers, conifer clad mountains and lakes.
Inhabitants are a grizzly bear, grey wolf and 200 species of birds

4. Finding Alaska

-Location: extreme north-west
-The third least populous country
– the economy comes from fishing, tourism, oil and natural gas.


Den  all, as some of the tallest mountains in North America along with the Denali National Park home to grizzly bears and other and common species
Consists of Tundra and their glaciers

Glacier Bay national park 
Consists of 700 trails are hikers Paradise also consists of a going to the Sun Road.
Famous for historical chalets and cosy Lodges along with biking season

Kenai Fjords National Park.
Is a storehouse of glaciers also one can witness the melting of glaciers defining the climatic change the wildlife thrives in this cold icy climate.
Experience life wholly by staying in a public cabin.

6.Party Hard Las Vegas

Located at Nevada, also the most popular and populated city in the neighbourhood.
A kaleidoscope of events, hotels, casino and Bars.
There is only one place you can live life in your own terms
I believe it’s Las Vegas!

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
Leave the casino crowd 
Fly over the Hoover Dam
Feel the breeze under your feet.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino
A Ritzy Casino with outdoor pool, live shows, spa and saloon.
This Resort is a high end hotel with a wide array of attraction including a inhouse fine arts, conservatory and botanical garden with fine dine restaurants.
Watch the impressive fountain show with musical notes and dancing waters.
Also a top must visit free attraction site.

The Stripe
2.5 miles long central section on LV
Runs from northeast to south west
Lined with entertainment palace
Theme and performance venue
Deep luxury and dine , the strip is great at night as it’s neon light at night.
Making it a massive show.

Writers note:
The USA is an exceptional place,  an exhibition of diversity right from cold peaks and glaciers to Sunny coastline and beaches.
The entire trip you might experience thick fur coats to PinaColada its diversity that keeps this place alive.