Vanakam, South India is more than Idlis and dosas. It has beautiful deep-rooted culture and clean beaches that majorly attract outsiders . Tourists every year could see a variety in the south from beaches, heated landscapes, mountains and waterfalls. South has it all. For serenity it’s Kerala, party at the beach it’s Pondicherry and the metropolitan Chennai. To discover it you got to uncover know your basics with this south Indian draped blog.

Ooty & Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu 

It’s a hill station far off south also cleaner than the most known hill station Ooty. Its a two-hour spiralling drive from Madurai. This small, quaint hill station is beautiful in winters. The centre hub would be the lake which is 5 km long attracts cyclist, horse riding and boating. Few must try on are the Tibetan restaurants for their tasty dumplings, organic ice creams and delightful chocolates.

Varkala, Kerala 

Beaches First, experience the sea in its fullest at the Varkala beach – the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found next to the Arabian Sea. Named by geologists as Varkala Formation. Celebrated  Water sports and spas are on the sides of these cliffs. It’s a Hub for adventure and leisure with fun Stuff like boat riding, parasailing, jetting and horse-riding. A number of dotted restaurants and cafes. Oops, alcohol is restricted!

Mahabalipuram, Chennai

Mahabalipuram, a beach town exactly where history meets beach life. It’s mostly empty and undiscovered. This is beach is a surfer’s delight with its fun playful waves and activities like turtle walks helps to conserve these delightful creatures. Catch the unique boat ride or a glimpse of those submerged Ptolemy’s texts engraved on temples.

Auroville, Pondicherry 

Auroville might be lesser known than Pondicherry but it’s an interesting community with a lot to learn from their matrimandir. The drive up to Auroville is relishing and fresh with food served in the community centre as good as served abroad. You could discover their united residence and eating hall by a bicycle ride. The paths are unbeaten and full of forest trees almost takes you to another world where pollution never existed.

Fort Kochi, Kerala 

The Fort Kochi has a charming seaside view. Known For its Dutch, Portuguese, and British colonial architecture. Witness Bamboo fishing nets at the Kochi Beach. Visit the original burial site of Vasco da Gama. Decent eateries and chic cafes serving in the menu Kerala’s special Cuisine. Quaint shops sell cotton clothes and handmade souvenirs.