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Land of the whites –  Speaking about Great White Alps and Small white people, this stunning country has awestruck every passenger that save their yearly income just to visit this breathtaking yet reality wise expensive land of the Whites.

If I would ask you what would you want as a souvenir the instant reply would be it’s popular Swiss watches and chocolates. 

Surrounded by 208 mountains, hailing from a medieval city, providing a sight of mesmerizing lakes, cosy villages, high peaks and morden ski resorts sums up to be a popular tourist destination.

Remarkably Switzerland!

It’s the birth place of the Red Cross that is one of the best humanitarian organization .

Do you hear the yodel?
it’s all about yodeling, their famous folklore.

The classic novel ‘Heidi’ was based on this scenic beauty.

Also the birthplace of the smarthead Tim Berner Lee, are you staring at your computer? Thanks to him, he’s the creator of the World Wide Web (www).

In addition the DNA discoverer ~ Friedrich Miescher was born here too.

6 Swift Swiss facts you never knew!

. Swiss men live the longest according to WHO (World Health Organization)
In my opinion marry a Swiss (wink)

. Do you have a dog? Thank heavens you’re not in Switzerland, ’cause they would tax you.

. Regardless of being expensive it is known as one of the happiest place on earth. 
Don’t worry, you’re just a plane ticket away

. A 100% guarantee of no thefts and pickpockets as it has the lowest crime rate.

.Compulsory military service for men born in Switzerland.

.Observe the Sabbath
Yes they do take Sundays very seriously by socially saying no to work even if it’s about taking the trashcans out. With no noise pollution be very careful to shut your car door on a Sunday (you might be fined )

Ski around Swiss with me:

Here some places  ,I proudly present in the most simplest of forms.
P.S The evergreen Bollywood movie DDLJ was filmed here.

A Walk Through Bern :

– this picturesque medieval city could make you hum a little happy tune.
– Famous for it’s big beautiful clocks and craftily handled puppets.
– The Gothic cathedral will make you go on your knees and pray with a touch of majestic pine trees.
– Has the longest shopping area, do keep your purses full .

Hola! Swiss National Park!

-. It’s spectacule cannot be overlook 
– the only national park in Switzerland making it a must visit place.

– Right from snow glaciers to pastures dotted with sheep, glistening waterfalls and wide lurking woodlands, it sums up to be the perfect summer get away!

– You might end up opening your mouth wide , when you spot an exquisite Golden eagle flying over your head that generously spreads across, in addition to bright Flora & Fauna.

Ganduer & Geneva

– The Lake Geneva is the main attraction that could swoon your travelling instincts .

-A gaint liquid basin of turquoise water with luxurious fairytale chateaus is a sight to see.

– Hillside vineyards with classic pour of sparkling wine ,  A treat to the eyes.

– Any kid could spot a ferry , paddle or a boat floating along the clear waters .

Writers note:
Switzerland a notable breathtaking journey!
Serene frigid zone filled with red cheeked kind happy faces.
Casting a spell on your memories , lasting for a lifetime.


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