When I visited this beautiful Islamic country I was a person with lot of questions. Going through this phase of life. Somewhere I felt caught up, couldn’t move on. But I’m 100% sure that when I left this country I was a different person. Something struck me hard. What changed?

The  Soothing calmness :

The islands are so calm and quiet, proving me that  there are places on this earth where humans can still getaway from the metropolitan hassle.
The warm sun- the sounds of the waves and the crabs rolling up to you with a beer in your hand. Perfect Satisfaction!


Get to the cliff of any island.Look around you and it’s all Blue. The sky and the waters with the beautiful coral shades. I also got the opportunity to fly above these islands in a very low altitude . Damn these waters do have huge huge sharks. Yet the natives enjoy spear fishing and snorkelling. By far visiting this has been the best experience of life. The beauty of the oceans is intimidating but also makes you think and cherish God’s creation.


Made me realise how small humans are, the world is beautiful and not everyone gets to experience this part of the world. The best part is the crowd- with minimal populated islands, tourists thinking twice to visit such places makes Maldives a very calm, clean, romantic islands. The crystal clear waters and reflections of the sky made me think a lot, made me realise the song What a wonderful world!
How small our problems could be and how none of them really matters. I wish I could follow the earth curvature and travel into the deepest part of the ocean to discover another alternative like Maldives!

Fingerlicking Food

– [ ] Native people of this country don’t produce much, they are known for fishing and often export it to other countries. Frozen food is famous around the country. Malé has all the fast food chains that we see in our own cities(Pizza Hut,Kfc,burgerking,McDonald’s) other small island have tiny restaurants. Tourists prefer to stay in resorts where they have chefs to feed you with multiple cuisines. Alcohol is surely a no no! But resorts sell them only for tourists. The natives don’t drink much. Fruits,vegetables and other products are imported from neighbouring countries (India,srilanka). Shopping in Maldives wouldn’t be a wise idea cause everything is expensive as it is. They are all imported. But it’s a must visit for people who love travelling and enjoy spending summer in beaches.