We were about to think that the new year-2020 will be a good start until the breakout of a severe epidemic disease called Corona Virus has caused more than thousands of deaths in Wuhan, China. What badly damaged us was it’s outspread to other countries. Corona Virus has been spreading rapidly across the world, affecting more than 150 countries and claiming more than 9K lives till now. This infectious disease is passing easily from one person to another and hence utmost care is needed to be taken.

What is CoronaVirus?

According to the World Health Organisation, CoronaVirus is a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more serious health issues like Respiratory Syndrome and breathing problems. However, coronavirus is zoonotic, that is, it is spread from animals to humans. It all started in China.


Corona Virus infects mostly to the lungs. The symptoms include common cold with a runny nose, dry cough, severe chills which may end up with fever and breathing problems. It takes about five days on an average to start showing the actual symptoms.

Be Preventive

The standard recommendations to prevent the spread of such infection include regular hand-wash, covering mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meats and eggs, avoiding close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness, coughing or sneezing.  Wear a mask or use a clean handkerchief to cover your mouth.

Go Quarantine

 Let’s go Quarantine for some time and let the things be settled in their place. Avoid going outside and life this moment to our fullest. Utilize such time to pamper ourselves and spend some quality time in our sweet and safe home who is always there with us, be it a good or a bad time.  No worries ahead too, as all are trying hard and working at their best. Let’s do something more for them than just taking care of ourselves. As a citizen of our nation, we should also show humanity and show some care towards other citizens as well.

Obey to Janata Curfew

PM Narendra Modi declared a Janata Curfew on Sunday which is a self- imposed lockdown. From 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening, the Curfew should be observed. Resolution and restraints are equally important. Let’s stay alert and show unity in bringing down the medical crisis throughout the country. Through The Curfew, we can pay respects to the one who is working day and night for every person in the country, be it doctors, nurses, airline employees, police departments, and all others. At 5 in the evening, let’s come together outside the balconies and clap for these heroes, as a mark of gratitude for working hard to keep India safe. 

Remember, nothing lasts forever, what comes in a pace also goes with a pace. That this disease is curable if proper measures are taken. So don’t be scared and let’s come up and fight together for the nation.