Zurich, the land of Alpine beauty and one of the most wonderful places to visit in Switzerland are way beyond your imagination level of cleanliness and standard of excellence in everything. You won’t hear a ruckus here anyway majorly because patience is a very important virtue here. It is almost like the master timepieces designed by them is an actual reflection of their peaceful and on time way of living. Zurich is also known for another thing or maybe the entire country of Switzerland for that matter, the immense amount of finances that are held in the Swiss banks. Thus also making it the country of the wealthy. Pointing a straight finger towards the history of this place, the skyline is filled with church spires and down below are the chocolate and aesthetically pleasing pastry shops. Having said all this, it is easy to imagine a good relaxing, unwinding yet luxurious vacation in Zurich and here are some of our recommendations on how and where can you go to unwind when in Zurich.

As always the most important factor is the residence and for that, we recommend The Dolder Grand. Nestled in the forest and mansion covered area high atop the city, this property is a timepiece. Giving a complete vibe of a Disney castle, this place is made with a lot of taste. The unique selling point of this property is the art collection which is everywhere on display from the grounds to the corridors and they are the proud owners of pieces created and made by renowned artists such as Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol. But we haven’t yet told you the best part, that is the spa. Amenities such as the sauna, steam, chill room (containing actual snow from the Alps), warm bed made of pebbles and specialized naturopathy based facials are some of the things that you can experience here. Other amenities offered by the hotel are duplex rooms which give a complete Narnia like feels, kitchen facilities, a grand piano, library, and a 360 terrace cum observatory. Another property that has caught our attention would be The Widder Hotel, located in Old Zurich, there is nothing old about this quirky, contemporary and modern townhouse-style hotel. Known for its design and interiors this place is a true feast for the eyes. It has the perfect combination in its finest form, aged whiskey, jazz and ruby banquettes.

Following these are the places to treat your gastronomical senses or the best places to eat. First meal or breakfast, for this meal head to La Stanza, known for serving some of the best coffees, the baristas are the main sight to see, complete with a white shirt and black tie attire. Next up on the list are pastries and for that head onto John baker, known for an amazing smelling establishment combined with its organic goodness. Famous for their loaves of bread, croissants and local Swiss pastries completed with chocolate. August at the Widder Hotel is another excellent choice for the midday meal or lunch. They serve some of the most classic dishes that Zurich is known for such as mac and cheese with a twist containing macaroni, apple sauce, and ground beef. Now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Other dishes to try are pates, local sausages, and tartares. Some other places to try out for meals would be Bauernschanke and Saltz.

For some authentic wines and cocktails, head on to Kronenhalle, where you will find everything from roast chicken to Picasso paintings. This place is known for its art, glamour and old-world Swiss charm. The next on the list is Oepfelchammer which is mainly a wine tavern complete with interiors made out of mahogany and copper fixtures which date back to the 1800s.

Finally some retail therapy to workout with those rejuvenated muscles. Head out to Limited Stock for some amazing interior pieces from porcelain to pashmina. Never Stop Reading is next for some amazing as well as rare relics to add to your book collection as well as the interiors of this place will ignite the bookworm inside you.

And finally in Switzerland and you don’t go to chocolate shopping, that’s impossible! So head over to Confiserie Sprungli, known for their meringue and buttercream preparations, this place is an absolute must-visit. Next, is La Flor known for its bean bars with almost 70% cacao