Namaste, Ni Hao, Bonjour!

Travelling Solo Is the new Trend, 
Though making friends along the way is tacky, talking to strangers calls for a panic attack, wild gesture and hand movements might be misread.
Chill, You may worry but we have the Answers.
Break the myth – talking to strangers might lead to kidnaps.
That was age-old when you were kids.
Yet precautions like Gut feeling is involved.

Fun Fact
People find it hard to communicate on dating apps too, this proves you’re not alone!
Travelling Solo is 20 % discovering yourself and 80% overcoming the fear of talking to strangers.
Mistakes are allowed since you don’t know the language in most cases.

Make Them Talk!
A 5 Hack Solution
(Result guaranteed)

1. No, Room for Narrow-minded Sally!
You Got to be open while talking to people, they may differ from ages, races and sexuality, People will surprise your mental assumptions.
Be a great listener, learn about them and find am an activity you commonly love.
#1 Netflix and Chill is universal also a great conversation starter.
#2 If you are offended by something they said. Nod, smile, shake hands and leave.

2. Fun, Food, Friends
You have no idea how much food can contribute to leading a boring evening to a group full of friends.
The best place to bump into a friend is a coffee shop, food is a great conversation starter converting strangers into Amigos.
From wine tasting to pasta making classes, a great hub to make friends. 
Not to forget bars are a great place too 
But limit your alcohol levels to sanity.
#1 Do not be stingy, payor split pay.
#2 Always Clink glasses.

3. Hostel > Hotel
Any Pro Solo travellers advice would be to hit that social spot called Hostel.
It’s cheap, super friendly and calls for unlimited fun.
If you don’t like room sharing, single rooms are also provided with the hostel bar giving you ample social time.
#1 Share whenever you get an opportunity.
Share a story, a toothpaste or an extra band-aid.
#2 Smile indicates a welcoming conversation gesture.

4.Travel in Packs.
Man is a social animal, animals travel in packs.
Travelling in a group can
Leads to an anxious arrival
But loads of contacts during a departure.
Trekking, being cramped up in a minivan, beach parties, etc.
Are activities that lead to team building and social skills.
#1 Don’t stick to one person, talk to as many as you can.
#2 If you know the lyrics to the forgotten song sing it, Do not hold back on things that you’re good at, they might come very handy.
#3 There is no space to Shy Away 

5.My Lingo versus Your Lingo
Not all countries speak English, the fun is in those who don’t.
Learn a few words or phrases 
Pick up the right pronunciation.
Anybody would crack up or smile when a foreigner sucks yet speaks in their language. 
Efforts to Be Relatable can be seen leading to across borders friendships.
I’m sure they would want to learn some of your languages too, Go ahead speak it, make mistakes and laugh on them.
#a 1 Use Generic words 
Like Hi, Good morning, etc
Don’t play around something you don’t know, which might lead to offence.
#2 Cultural norms exist!
In some countries frequently kissing on cheeks is acceptable and in some countries, it’s a taboo.
Are you a hugger?
It’s always polite to ask before you give a warm bear hug.