Honeymoon sounds like a paradise for lovers but without a guidebook of what to do and what to avoid, it may get tacky. To solve this dilemma we came up with pre-honeymoon saver tips, to be your good friend that holds your hair when you are drunk along the way.
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The early bird catches a flight.

Honeymoon booking has to be done months before the pack and go. The ideal booking of your honeymoon should be six to eight months prior. You need to get it sorted beforehand to avoid being stuck in the middle of the night. Along with flight tickets, book a hotel especially in the honeymoon package.

Stay tuned together.

The hectic wedding planning is best sorted by the divide and conquer rule. Yet doesn’t work the same in planning a Perfect Honeymoon. One person can have the possibility of handling the planning, you end up with a trip of their perspective. Unless spouse-to-be has uncommonly similar views about your travel wishes and peeves, honeymoon planning must be a joint effort.

Red Flags!

Plan beforehand for impromptu diarrhea or a head throbbing hangover as it could destroy your honeymoon. First Aid kit and common sense about your allergies come handy. Heels are impressive but not for a long walk to sightseeing. Comfort first then the rest can align to be a perfect honeymoon experience.

Safe & Sound.

Travel insurance is a must, you want to be planned for a rainy day. Go to Hotels that are couple friendly especially in India a lot of hotels cater to families and not unmarried couples. Read and Research about the place to end up in the right place at the right time with the right person.

Web search isn’t everything.

At the beginning of your honeymoon planning, a Google search sounds like an easy hack, yet don’t rely only on search engines. A lot of times reviews can paint a picture that speaks or match reality, and it’s best to take an outside opinion on your ideal destination by consulting your friends and family or a known travel agent. According to Augerinos, one won’t sell a destination unless one has been there personally. We like to see ourselves as human travel counsellors. Instagram is a great place to see pics that real people have clicked on the desired locations, and tags make it that much easier to find such amazing locations.