The smallest state of India lies in the southwestern coast, Goa is boon that dramatically follows the Portuguese culture. The colorful yet bright state is known for its amalgamation of eastern & western culture, humid climate, flora & fauna. Known as the pearl of the east, Goa is the best tourist spot in India. Goa is easily accessible and comfortable traveling which can be visited anytime in a year. The capital Panaji is distanced around 592 km from Bangalore and 593 km from Mumbai. What attracts tourists is the old churches, beaches, colorful carnivals and many more. Being a Roman Catholic Society, all the festivals celebrated are Christians oriented.

What more can you explore?

Goan Bars:

This lovely small state is filled with numerous outstanding bars and casinos. There are all about 7000 licensed bars. With plenty of taste that pleasures the soul. This became an international tourist attraction for high spirits of wheeling fantasies.  

Fairs and Carnivals:

Festty Feasts are one of the yummy ticks that tourists can enjoy! Monsoon festivals, processions, Shimgo, Fest of Lady of Miracles are the festivals that are followed and celebrated as per Goanese calendar. Shimgo is reciprocated as a Holi celebration in Goa in February and March. Christmas is celebrated with joy and the entire Goa is decorated with Easter shine. This is the feast of Lady of Miracle which is celebrated for 16 days after Easter both by Hindus as well as Christians. Similarly, tremendous joy is spread for welcoming monsoon with the feast of St. Anthony. Celebrated in June, it marks the arrival of monsoon. Another festival that comes with curiosity is Igitun Chalne, one of the distinctive festivals, where devotees of Goddess Lairaya walk on burning charcoals to prove their devotion. This ceremony is held at Sirigao temple in Bicholim in May.

Cuisine, Coconuts & Cashews:

Goan cuisine that includes intense flavors and spices influences the tropical climate and Portuguese culture. Even though the staple food of Goa is rice, but the use of coconuts, cashews, fish, meat and pork and kokum gives a rich taste to the Goan food. What shrines Goan food is the style of cooking. The goan in local area cook their food in earthen pots on firewoods despite conventional ovens as the firewoods are known to give that smoky flavor tinge to the food. From mild to explosive, Goa has varied platters ranging from prawns to pork, sausages to solkadies. Besides, Goa is also known for its drinks, smoothies & desserts. Followed by its cooking methods from shimmering to shallow frying produces authentic delicacies are just perfect to tickle your taste buds!

Beaches & Churches:

The key attractions of Goa are mainly beaches and churches. The ‘Goa Dourada’, means the Golden Goa is the title given to Goa for its well-known for its beaches, forts, churches, waterfalls, caves, resorts and seminaries. 

Calangute beach, known as the Queen of Indian beaches, is the largest beach in north Goa stretching from Candolim to Baga. Discovered by hippies, this beach is wide with soft sand. Experiencing the sunset is one of the most mesmerizing views ever. Another fun here is sunbathing and water sports activities which attracts a lot of tourists. This spot in Goa is one of the most family destinations for enjoyment. Apart from this Baga beach is yet another famous destination especially for those who want to drink, dance and party. Located in North Goa, Baga beach is famous for its beach shacks and delicious seafood. The clean golden brown sandy beach is blissful for leisure walks.

Along with dazzling shorelines, this wonderful state is also famous for the churches and its old architecture. Churches in Goa include Bom Jesus Basilica, St. Cathedral, Chapel of St. Catherine, Church of Lady of Rosary, Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, Monte Hill, St. Alex Church, Nossa Senhora de Penha de Franca, and many others.

Besides, another facet of Goa stands out for the extraordinary and alluring forts as for sightseeing amidst the beauty and landscape of nature. The forts include Aguada fort which is used as a prison, Corjeum fort, and a majestic fort with beautiful surroundings, Terekhol fort, Chapora fort, Reis Magos fort, Cabo fort and many more…


Last but not least is the famous markets in Goa that attract shopaholics! Filled with amazing kinds of stuff for visitors. Goa is fulfilled with all from fashion boutiques to handicraft and art materials. Goa is a place where you will get your hands on stylish clothes, colorful pieces of jewellry, jholas, hats, funky bags and accessories, decorative materials like wall hanging, mirrors beachwear, sunglasses, cuisine like cashews, spices and a lot more…