No offence but Germany has one of the best festivals all around the world, all year round.
Y’all it’s the with its best season of celebration, they really do know how to party with the community.
Let’s dive into the festivals and get to know a tad bit more about the culture.

It’s Festive, Fancy, Friendly 
Welcome to Germany and it’s Top 10 celebrations.

1.Carnival Season
The Carnival is nicknamed as the“Fifth Season”  along with many colourful, jumpy costume balls, painted faces the heart of this festival is the Rose Monday Parade with trumpets and marching bands, beautiful dancers, and decorated floats parading all over the streets across Germany. Carnival is celebrated throughout but Cologne, Düsseldorf, Muenster, and Mainz take it more seriously.

2.Lights, Camera and Action
The International film festival comes in its season, every year in the month February, Berlin prepares and steps on the red carpet to host the Berlin International Film Festival. Equality is seen in participation of more than 400 films from worldwide are invited from champagne to parties,  historic theatre style and special events open to every film lover.  Cannes, Venice and Berlinale are the other most important film festival in Europe.

3.The Rhine in Flames
Whole new light is brought to you to see the Rhine in a different perspective apart from the usual. Thousands and hundreds of Bengal lights are lit up, stunning kaboom of fireworks, and illuminated steamboats let to swim across its silent waters, across the river banks, wine tasting vineyards, and magnificent castles in a magical glow. This treat to the eyes takes place on weekends throughout May and September.

4.Melodious celebration
Officially called as the Bach Festival, 
Is a world-class, beautiful to the ears music festival situated in Leipzig commemorates the legend, Johann Sebastian Bach, his life and works? Known, famous artists from all over the world come to perform Bach’s classical masterpieces in historical locations like the Thomas Church, where Bach worked for 27 years.

The highlight of German’s festivals in the list also made its way through the public calendar: Oktoberfest in Bavaria. Every year in September and October, 6 million visitors swarm across the place from different part of the world come to Munich to enjoy Bavarian cuisine, music, and traditions. You can sight colourful parades, open-air concerts, and fun rides a complete family entertainment.

6.Wine Fest.
Officially called “Wurstmarkt” translated into sausage market, it is famous for its excellent local wines. Where to find it?
in Rhineland Palatinate
Known as Germany’s second-largest wine-growing region, the Wurstmarkt boasts about being the world’s biggest wine festival. This winery event has been celebrated without fail every September for almost 600 years.

7.Big Fat Pumpkin
In the outskirt of Stuttgart every fall, when the autumn leaves fall
the biggest pumpkin festival in the entire world takes place. On the grounds of Schloss Ludwigsburg, over 45 lakh of pumpkins are on display. Look for unbelievable shapes and sizes of pumpkin in displays, enjoy the pumpkin boat race, pumpkin art, pumpkin carvings and eatery.

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