Though no reported cases of Covid19 have been through the contamination of food, it is best to take certain precautions while cooking and eating. You’ve heard that prevention is better than cure, and so we believe too! So maybe you should take certain measures to be sure that what you’re eating is good for health, free from contamination and also increases your immunity, so as to better be equipped to fight the virus.

1.     Fruits and vegetables

You’ve heard this stressed on before, and for all the right reasons. You need those fruits and greens on your plate as they help maintain the proper functioning of your body. Stews, soups and juices are alternatives, if you’re not a fan of consuming these fruits. So even during the lockdown, go get your hands on some of these fresh groceries and keep your stock all healthy as you prepare your body to fight against the virus.

2.     Canned products

Right now, canned products are the best option as these are untouched by hand. So, if you’re specific about your food being touched by the hands of vendors and more before it reaches your stomach, canned food is your best option during these times of the pandemic. However, we suggest you buy fresh produce whenever available and only go for canned food if necessary, as these contain preservatives.

3.     Clean your food

While this seems absurd, it is the best precaution measure to take to ensure your food is safe from contamination. Now how do you do this? Canned products can be wiped with disinfectant and left to dry before keeping them in the fridge. Packaged foods can be wiped similarly. Fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly before consuming.

4.     Don’t eat uncooked meats

While there hasn’t been evidence of meats carrying the virus, it is better to be safe. So, cook your meats thoroughly and try and eat freshly cooked food, instead of cooking in bulk and leaving it for days. Cooking, scientifically kills any germs that are present in the food and thus, you can be sure your food is perfectly safe for consumption.

5.     Vitamins

Your immunity should be at its best these days. Vitamins will help you fight any infection that comes your way and this is one sure way of making sure your body is all set to deal with the pandemic. So, take those vitamins you’re advised to and be healthy and strong.

6.     Water

Drink lots of water these days, as this will wash your body of any toxins that may be there. Hot water will help to do this faster, and thus like every other day, you should drink litres of water to keep you in good health.

The most important thing is to eat healthy these days. Good health is always the best measure to treat every infection you may encounter. Once the situation is better, you can go back to travelling the world with Tripcultr and eating delicious cuisine from around the countries of the globe. For now, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.