I quote , ” Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
-Samuel Johnson
Presenting to you London in a cup of tea.
Being the capital of England and one of a well  known nursery rhyme “The London Bridge” 
Every one is absolutely aware of its majestic, splendor .
Standing on the River Thames, London could be described as a Rich, Wealthy women .
Giving Birth to a Remarkable writer and well know plays like the “Hamlet” 
Sir .William Shakespeare hails from this very city .

What is London not known for,
Right from
– David Beckham the famous footballer 
– Big Ben the Majestic clock tower
– Bright Red buses and black cabs
-Notable Oxford and Cambridge
-Yummy Fish & Chips.
– Sherlock Holmes
And much more .

London Facts:
– Guifawkes Night celebrated on 15th Nov
When the sky is lit with fireworks and  bonfires on the ground.
–  300 languages that are spoken, you might bump into someone of your own.
-Home to alot of famous faces.

Quirky Facts:
-Dropping Salt is considered as a bad luck.
-For Luck Brides should wear something borrowed , blue , old and new

Food in a Nutshell
-High preference given to Breakfast
Consisting of meat and whole grain sandwiches.

– Fish and chips by the street.
– Delicious Strawberry and cream
– popular Cornish pastry and truffles

Namaste London,

An Indian tour guide walking you through my Top 3 Favorites and Must visits.

1) Obviously Buckingham .
– Located at Westminster’s , indulge in the Royalty for a day.
-Also a spot for National Rejoicing and mourning.
-You will not run out of time as it has 500 Clocks all over the place.

Perks :
– Leisure in one of the Garden Café’s and Garden Parks.
– Completely free entry for kids under 5 yrs of age.
-Special exhibition on Summer with Royal Collections on Purchase .

2) See through the London Eye

-Located at the South Bank of Thames  adds to a picture perfect view.
– Also Europe’s Tallest popular tourist destination, fly to London and voilà you can see the Eye.
– 5 thousand people and more engaged at this very place .

Perks :
– Get to the top and watch the mind blowing view.
-Ride on one of the 33 capsules.
-Enjoy the 30 min ride giving ample of times to click pictures, propose or chat with a stranger.

3) Hope On or Off Bus
-This 24 hr or 48 hr ticket doesn’t make you sit on your seat mandatory.
You can get off and get In at your own convenience.
– With an addition of Free walking tour and Free River Tour.
-A Bus with 5 routes and 60 stops.

– Cover the following places 
Tower of London 
Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey 
Oxford Street 
Shakespeare Globe 
ST .Pauls Cathedral
Much more!

– A free live tour or Audio destination:

Writers note:
London Bridge isn’t falling down 
Buckingham is forever the Queen.
Big Be a punctual Friend
London’s Eye a Joyride to kill.
London my forever destination to chill


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