Bae-cation In the Islands of Caribbean.The energetic vibe is hotspots for some best beaches, a perfect time to apply sunscreens on your backs and lay down with glasses of cocktails. What’s more fun after the month old wedding day stress and trying to fit in that gown. Bea and the Beach complemented by the perfect sunny day makes a perfect honeymoon. Get your hats and sunglasses ready cause Caribbean islands here we come.
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Aloha to this pacific beauty get a taste of heavenly, Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular that they are celebrated. Jump off a waterfall or lay aimlessly across its sandy beaches. Hawaii is lived in the outdoors. Say Ohana to a bountiful of surfing, swimming, fishing and picnicking. Kayak to a deserted island or hop aboard to watch a whale cruise.


Situated in the Oahu’s South and Hawaii’s most loved capital. The Waikiki neighbourhood is a hub for fine dining, starry nightlife and shack shopping. Set up in a backdrop of iconic crescent beach dotted by palms and high-end hotels, with a non-aggressive volcanic crater at a distance. Sites based on the World War II attack like monuments in the USS Arizona Memorial.


A Hub of the cultural, economic and financial centre in the South of Florida. Look out for the Everglades and Biscayne Bay. Everyone goes for the Miami Beach with its own municipality. Sitting on a barrier island east of Miami and Biscayne Bay. Its speciality serves as beach resorts, it’s popular spring break party. Not far is the city of Miami, highlighting a spectacular show at the Miami Zoo and join cheers at the Miami Dolphins a football game.


Architecturally unhinged with retro-themed restaurants showing off their historical heritage.Honeymooners attracted to the white sand or offshore islands for a private rendezvous. Explore beyond the waters. Find yourselves a desert of forests and crocodile swamps. Smell the coffee plantations and rugged mountains famous for folklore.


Havana, The capital of Cuba. Influenced by Spanish colonial architecture. The heart of Havana lies in a fort and a maritime museum Castillo de la. The National Capitol Building a must not miss landmark. Old Havana features the  Catedral de San Cristóbal and busy Plaza Vieja, reflecting the vibrant architectural mix. Havana is known for the Rum & Revolution with a background of sun-drenched cobblestone streets with a hint of salsa.


Painted with lush mountains, muddy rainforests and blue beaches. Many resorts, clustered together in Montego Bay, with a touch of British-colonial architecture, The Negril celebrated for it’s diving and snorkelling activities. Jamaica is famed for its reggae music, find the Kingston to be a priceless stop at the Bob Marley Museum, dedicated to the well-known singer.