The way to anyone’s heart is stomach, some people live to eat, taste culinary from around the world, explore a variety of cuisines and hear the food history. Nothing is as fun as two couples exploring the fresh farm food or food on the streets. Here are a few must eat, must do places you cannot afford to miss.

Burgundy, France
France is known for the best of wine or has its specialties. Though Burgundy is the best pick for honeymooners in love with food. France is known by its Burgundian cuisine and amazing culinary creation like beef bourguignon is named after the region. The well known traditional dishes like escargots, œufs meurette, and Époisses de Bourgogne while sipping on some classy well-fermented wines.

Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa the second-largest city and celebrates its culinary star. Showcasing some of the country’s best restaurants, with a display of a variety of international cuisines. The city boasts about the Test kitchen making it one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Outskirts of the Cape Winelands one can get to sip on some of the best world wines and hosts few of exceptional restaurants that offer organic local seasonally-influenced cuisine that highlighting the bountiful abundance of the produce of the region

San Sebastian, Spain
Towards the north of Spain’s Basque country, it is less populated and less traveled than Barcelona, yet is greatly known for its cuisine and one of the best food destinations in the world. Ideal for honeymooners, offering a charming seaside town spread across with white-sand beaches perfect for swimming and surfing. The city might be small, containing the top 50 Best Restaurants, called Arzak and Mugaritz, tagging along is El Bulli, the marking of pioneers in gastronomy. Beyond the fancy names, even the smallest bars are worth the visit.

Napa, California
Regardless of the newly introduced bottled wine, the U.S. wine regions top in praise, the abode to try the best is in Napa and Sonoma. These alongside wine regions is an hour drive up north of San Francisco and are around the world for their fine wine, a luxurious chain of hotels and plethora styled restaurants like The French Laundry whereas Sonoma is all about the good life: relaxing spa, serene hikes and unbeaten bike rides coming down from a quiet country .