One of the best parts about traveling around the world is the cuisine, but sometimes it may get a bit difficult in case you are a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian in today’s gastronomic culture may be a little toll taking because of the growing market for meats and fishes. Though the vegan culture is also on the rise still, so here are some of our top recommendations of countries, where the vegetarian in you would fall in love with the food all over again. 


In India, though the meat culture is on a rise, vegetarian dishes are still available in a plethora of options. Especially in the southern part of the country where vegetarian items stick a tough competition to all the nonvegetarian options available, it is veggie food heaven down here. From the delicious masala dosas, a crisp and thin pancake made out of rice and lentil batter and may or may not be stuffed with a filling, masala dosa is a scrumptious meal in itself. Other than that you have options like the appam, vadas, and rasam with rice. In the northern parts of the country, you can enjoy dishes made from paneer or cottage cheese such as butter masala paneer or even kadhai paneer with a beautiful roti or naan, a special type of Indian flatbread. Other than these main course options, you always have the streetfood versions such as chaat or vada pav. 

Sri Lanka

Known for its rich dishes full of flavor and spices, Sri Lanka offers a lot of vegetarian items. The staple format of consumption here is rice and curry. But the curry has so many varieties here, making your stomach and heart feel satisfied at the same time. Curries made from okra (bhindi), jackfruit, brinjal, potatoes and various forms of gourds are something you have to try while visiting Sri Lanka. Another popular dish served here is the hoppers, which is basically in the shape of a rice bowl, filled with curry like filling and topped with an egg, some places do serve it though without the egg as well, so confirm that before ordering.


World-famous for their kinds of pasta and pizzas, the Italians sure know how to strike a chord with their vegetarian dishes. Known for their super fresh ingredients, the Italians may not be able to vibe with your no meat of any type situation but definitely will pull through. The main vegetables consumed here include various types of tomatoes, brinjal, courgettes, olives, onions and all types of herbs. The southern part of the country has better vegetarian cuisine than the northern part.


Are you a fan of falafels? If the answer to the previous question was in the affirmative for you, then Lebanon should be next on your travel plans, with a wide variety of vegetarian items, Lebanon is a food paradise for the super enthusiastic travelers who do not consume meat. Though in general middle eastern countries may not be known for their vegetarian cuisines globally, but that does not mean that they do not have some yummy things for you to try on. From falafels, hummus and tabouleh which we assure you are much flavourful than what you can find back at home to all the fresh seasonal vegetables, cheeses, and stuffed pastries, it is guaranteed that you won’t go hungry here any time of any day.


With a strong influence from the cuisines of India, Malaysia, and China, Indonesia has made a place for itself in the global gastronomic scene. The wide variety of options available here makes it easier to find more vegetarian dishes here. One of the best things about the Indonesian food scene is the growing vegan culture, making it a paradise for vegetarians. Some of the dishes to try out are the vegan versions of certain meat dishes, vegetarian satays, vegetarian stir-fries, and coconut milk-based dishes also known as Nonya dishes.


Being promoted by the Taiwanese government itself, residents in Taiwan are encouraged to become part if not completely vegetarian, thus finding good quality and a variety of vegetarian food is super easy in Taiwan. From yummy vegetarian street food to amazing buffets of only vegetarian food, Taiwan will not disappoint you. You can expect a lot of variety of vegetables as well as beancurd dishes here along with meat substitute dishes made out of soya or gluten in some establishments.