Andaman and Nicobar are known as the islands of India geographical but fun fact it’s a paradise for a sunny vacation by the beach yet closer to home. It’s charming beauty can melt away worries and bring back the holiday spirits. Comprises of an Indian archipelago by the Bay of Bengal. These 300 islands are popular for their palm tree-lined, white sand beaches, sprawling mangroves and tropical climate rainforests. The amazing Coral reefs support marine life and thrive them like sharks and rays making it a popular sports hub for diving and snorkelling. 

The total picturesque blue beaches, deep lagoons in turquoise blue waters and loads of history, Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a piece of paradise tucked away from the east of India. The union territory comprises has 572 islands, only 37 are inhabited and a few are opened to tourism.

Port Blair, the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, is the perfect gateway to this beauty and is interconnected with other islands via daily ferries. Havelock and Neil Island are celebrated and famous islands among visitors.

Decorated by nature with pearly white sands, palm trees lined shores and offers, the finest snorkelling and diving spots in India.

Once known for solitary confinement ‘Kaala Paani’ in Port Blair was used to imprison the freedom fighters, exiled from India during the British Era, the geography of the Andaman and Nicobar islands have changed completely from then and is now known for its thriving tourism especially between honeymooners and adventure freaks. 

One can choose to laze around on the sandy shores and enjoy the awestruck sunsets or learn scuba diving and explore the colourful coral reefs. Highlights the virgin immaculate backwaters for those seekers of solitude.

Havelock Island is large, popular attracting and standing out from all of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Bountiful with blue beaches and dense coconut groves, offering a variety of adventure sports to its visitors. Wide variety in snorkelling and parasailing, deep coral reef scuba diving and kayaking there is no end to thrilling activities and extensive adrenaline rush, on a peaceful leisure vacation.

Do your extra research to visit the hustle-bustle of Port Blair to get a whiff of the local lifestyle. Rich in colonial history and boasts of its amazing architectural monuments, you can shop through the local markets and taste the traditional cuisine.