You are going to Owe us with the given life savers Tips and Hacks. Honeymoon the initial step towards Togetherness. Take the Right ones. You don’t want to be stuck abroad without an umbrella on a rainy day.

There are some things you might forget to take care of, we don’t want you to have a messed up honeymoon vacation abroad so here’s a list of head starts to save you from a bad day. A little bit of pre-planning could go a long way. Stay close to not miss a thing.

These 6 Fundamental Tips will make your bae vacation a beautiful start.

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The Six C’s

1. Celebrate Love 

Just stepped from singleton to my better half calls for a celebration. Plan it ahead, small things matter. From Flowers on the bed, sea side windows, private beach, etc. If you want a glass of champagne and caviar waiting when you enter extra efforts matter. Do not forget to specify that it’s your honeymoon. It’s the first and the only time you could make impressions of love towards each other, why not do it right?

2. Charm like a Prince 

A woman loves surprises from foot massages or body massage vouchers. Both of you can surprise each other by pre-ordered gifts or decorating the room. Thoughtful treats like a pack of cards or an extra sweater goes a long way in making memories. It could go the other way by you charming like a princess, in this era of equality we all deserve attention now and then.

3. Cover Up 

You don’t want to be exposed to tiring activities all day and intense adventure.It’s your honeymoon relax, venture and relax again! Cover the exposure of tedious sightseeing by taking the evenings off by a poolside or a date night. Too many cooks could spoil the broth, you don’t want to sweat it one day and stay in bed other days just cause fatigue hit you hard. Take a moment to relax, look at each other with gratitude and even eliminate too many activities for the day.

4. Cloth Play 

You are bound to overexpose your backs for a sexy dress or wear shorts. But look around at the sun rays before you put yourself in harm’s way. Sunscreen is a must to nail a sexy look or casual shorts with a tank top. Places like Asia have a dress code follow it while you visit. To not offend religious sentiments. Clothes are everything in a honeymoon as you dress to impress your spouse but so is comfort and common sense, you don’t want to wear heels to the beach and spoil your day.

5. Comfort matters

Plan beforehand for simple diarrhoea or hangover can throw the honeymoon down to ashes. First Aid kit and common sense about your allergies come handy. Heels are impressive but not for a long walk while sightseeing. Comfort first then the rest can align to be a perfect honeymoon experience.

6. Careful Love

Travel insurance is a must, you want to be planned beforehand for a rainy day. Go to Hotels that are couple friendly. Especially in India a lot of hotels cater to families and not unmarried couples. Read, Research about the place to end up in the right place at the right time with the right person.