Happy, Health Journey!

Travel sure is Fun but if long, changes in climate and adjustment to foreign food can sometimes be detrimental to health. Do you want to come home unrecognizable and Dehydrated?
Here are some healthy hacks you must follow, in order to have a great none diarrhoea or hospitalized journey.

Seven Ways to stay healthy on a trip

  1. Always H20!
    This tasteless liquid is a gift to mankind, water it down, especially while you are travelling it’s very normal to be dehydrated, water can change the entire game and make your skin looking supple and you feeling non-tired.
    Pay extra for water and Less for beer.
  2. Snooze off, Zone out!
    You might be travelling with a group of friends and you do not want to miss out on the fun, from early morning treks to late-night parties, the sleep is always neglected on a trip.
    Take out me time, get a power nap 
    Cause a headache can ruin a day but a power nap just minutes.
  3. Got your Back.
    Only one thing got your back on a trip apart from your friend when you are drunk, it’s the travel insurance, travel with an agency that provides one, its a great peace of mind.
  4. First Aid, the Best Aid.
    You might feel a funny stomach at 12 am
    Or a sore throat from all that popsicle,
    A First Aid containing all the necessities is a very mature move, there is nothing like sharing a kit with your fellow travellers in need, you just saved a cranky day! Essentials like Sunscreen, wipes, blister pads, pain reliever and cough medicine, anti-diarrhoeal meds and hand sanitizer.
  5. No Holidays from Exercise
    The myth you think 5 days without exercise isn’t a big deal, the body needs movement after 12 hours of sleep and cheese dipped dinners, walk around the beach or bicycle, you can even exercise indoors on a yoga mat.
  6. One Zero Fat meal a day keeps the doctor away.
    This might sound a big deal with mouth-watering cuisine around, Trust me this one major decision could switch the game to healthy.
    It’s cheap and healthy, do a bunch of fruits, low-fat meal,  steamed veggies, fruit juices, etc
    Tip – make it fun and green.
  7. Fly Clean 
    Flights can be scary dirty, you are bound to catch a common cold or a rash on a 21 hr flight, bring your own snack for starters, politely switch from a handshake to a namaste to avoid hand germs. Nothing like a big drop of sanitizer 
    Now and then.

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