So what if traveling right now isn’t the best option? You can still make plans, right? Here’s a list of monuments around the globe, that you need to visit to believe just how majestic history actually is! These sights will make you go gaga over the enormity of the structures and the stories behind them. So, go through this list and make the most of your trips!

1.     Stonehenge, England

Now what’s so special about a giant moss-covered structure of stones, rising out of the ground? Well, nothing really. Except when you have legends and tales to back up your find, then certainly that adds a shroud of mystery to the story! No one yet knows how this gigantic structure came to be, or how exactly these stones piled themselves into this natural formation, that would one day lead to a great big monumental structure. So, go ahead and sit in the silence that you’ll find here and have some quiet time.

2.     Tikal, Guatemala

If you’re a fan of mystery books, where the world is saved by someone finding treasure in the ruins of an old civilization, you can have your moment here. An old Mayan city, the town seems deserted and you could snoop around a bit and discover secrets of long ago.

3.     Parthenon, Greece

A two-thousand-year-old structure, this is built in such a way that every inhabitant of Athens can see it. A majestic, mystical stone formation, it adds to the royalty of the place and tourists throng the spot every year for a glimpse of this.

4.     Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Legend has it that under this mountain in the holy city, is buried a box that contains mystical powers and holiness. You could go there and ponder over religion and God’s connection with man. Believe and on that mount, you will find what you’re looking for. The serenity that you will experience there, is incomparable and it is truly surreal to be sitting on a site where miracles were said to happen thousands of years ago.

5.     Chichen Itza, Mexico

Said to be the place where the Mayans left their mark, and then became extinct, Chichen Itza now garners attention from all across the world as tourists venture here to see what exactly happened to this ancient civilization. It is truly a frightening thought to be faced with a living example of the fact that a species of human too can be wiped off the face of the Earth.

6.     Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Straight out of one of the books written by Hans Cristian Anderson, this pretty place is what you thought fairytales were made of. Your dream awaits you while you explore the structure with its forests and larks and have your story moment. So, go ahead and make the most of this picturesque place dotted with lush trees and nature.

7.     Petra, Jordan

A city carved out in a cave, you’ll find yourself astounded at just how far Nature can go to being transformed into the cities of old. Petra will give you a chance to explore and discover the secrets that lie here since years and you can visit the monuments, tombs and much more.