Japan is always a delight to a K-pop fan apart from that it has a culturally Rich and quirky vibe. Japan could be an outstandingly a great escape for some or a nightmare to some, if you follow the tips below we could reverse that affect turning it to be a magical expedition for a lifetime. For more details or budget packages, visit our website Tripcultr or click on the query box.

Pocket Wi-Fi 

It’s a total lifesaver tip to subscribe to a rented pocket Wi-Fi as it’s easy to get lost in its massive cities like Tokyo, giving way to a huge need for navigation to where you are heading there! Most of us will tend to rely on Google Maps rather than taxi drivers for a major cost-cutter.

Money < Credit Cards

Instead of counting Yen at every shop this myth about Japan is that you can’t use credit cards is false, except for a few small shops and street vendors that accepted only cash. Definitely bring along some cash with you, but credit cards rule at many restaurants and shops.

Tipping is Insulting!

In Japan to Tip for service could raise angry faces from your waiter or bartender. There’s no need to tip taxi drivers, waiters, or bartenders. Avoid the confusion by paying the price as it is. In your culture it might be a kind thing to do but not in Japan.

Kick-off your shoes.

Many restaurants expect you to remove our shoes at the entry, like taking off your coat it’s their custom, mostly the hostess would put shoes in a cubby behind the stand. Other restaurants, you would be expected to remove your shoes at the table and tucked them next to your booth. Just a heads up, don’t be barefoot wear your socks at all times.

Techy Flush.

Get used to technology advancements on your toilet seats. The Western-style toilets in Japan have many electronic options from the heated seat, bidet, a deodorizer or a noisemaker. Don’t freak out just learn the signs. It’s different at shrines, temples, and old buildings, as it’s built-in a traditional Asian style squat toilet built into the floor. Squatting might be a physical challenge for foreigners but public restrooms have both options available.

Hidden Good Food.

The best gems of Japanese food is found at the basement level of departmental stores it’s a food lover’s paradise! Filled with delicious food in every kind! Quick tip to go to Isetan (Department Store) indulge in their best of everything from tempura, macarons and herbal tea.

Carry your trash can.

Surprisingly you won’t find many public trash cans so it’s handy and safe to keep a plastic bag and not run into bars for public violation. You are bound to Try Street food and this is a helpful tip. You may find yourself carrying you personal trash for quite some time until you’re able to dispose of.