Goa is a place of love, party and of course food. Known for its particular Goan cuisine which is a blend of both Konkani and Portuguese, the dishes will leave your taste buds ahh…! Goan cuisine consists of standard ingredients like rice, fish seafood, meat, vegetables, coconut and kokum (a well-known fruit). However, kokum is the only thing that is used in most of their dishes.

One must try Goan food especially these top 7 dishes that are winning hearts of major tourists.

1 Prawn Balachao

Prawn Balachao is a unique non- vegetarian dish served with pav or with Goan hot boiled rice. Can be preserved up to for a month. This rich prawn pickle is made from ginger,  garlic, red chilli peppers, and the blend of garam masalas like cinnamon, cloves and a drop of vinegar as a preservative. Balachao refers to pickles like the blend of ingredients combined with feni (Goan spirit) this is served 

2. Chicken Xacuti 

This delicious dish will surely tickle your taste buds. Chicken Xacuti pronounced as shakuti is one of the famous Goan food infuses with a blend of generous spices. These spices are garam masala with mainly used poppy seeds,  star anise.

3.  Caldeirada

Caldeirada is a famous dish inspired by Portuguese cuisine. It is seafood,  fish stew that consists of several varieties of fish. It can probably be called a fish salad. This is a perfect food for seafood lovers that is served with Portuguese rolls.

4. Pork Vindaloo

As the name suggests,  this dish comprises pork meat with sizzling chillies, vinegar, and garlic.  It tastes both spicy as well as tangy at a time. Pork vindaloo is one of the oldest traditional dishes Goa as it has its origin since the 18th century in Portuguese ruling.

5. Fish Recheado

Again one of the famous dishes inspired by Portuguese cuisine,  it is simply a pomfret spicy recheado paste and fried with onions till crisp. In Portuguese, Recheado means stuffed. This dish goes best with wine, salad or rice roti.

6. Shark Ambot Tik

Rich in the taste of Kokum,  the dish comprises exclusively with the same. Shark Ambot Tik is a curry that has a blend of sour and spicy taste. The Shark fish is marinated along with masala paste that lends such a unique flavour. This dish is best served with Goan pav or boiled rice.

7. Mussel Rawa Fry

This is the best snack dish to go with liquor or wine. It is a kind of fish pakoras marinated with the paste of spices,  dipped in Rawa batter and then deep-fried till it turns to the golden crisp. This is the all-time favourite snack of Goan people. It can be served with salad,  tangy tomato chutney or ketchup or green chutney or pudina curry.

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