Kerala, (God’s own country) is known throughout the world for its immense beauty with scenic hill stations, amazing backwaters, commercial cities and hamlets blended with rich cultural and traditional heritage.

Apart from scenic destinations and traditions what makes this place great is the amazing cuisines. You can find mouth-watering food at any corner of this stunning place.

Before getting on to the main content here’s a disclaimer. Since coconut is abundant in Kerala, people tend to use it in every food item (eventually making the dish more delicious)

Here’s the list of food that you should try while you are in Kerala

1- Iddiappam

Kerala’s answer to the noodles from China, this dish resembles noodles and is served with stew. Made purely out of rice this dish is one of the best breakfast you can have to kick start your morning.

2- Sadya

This dish doesn’t even need any introduction, served on a banana leaf with 26 variety of delicacies it will surely quench your hunger. Some famous items from this dish are Inji curry, Mango or lemon pickle, Papadam (papad), Banana chips with Payasam as dessert. The best time to enjoy this dish is during Onam and weddings.

3- Puttu and Kadala

Also known as the steam cake, this dish is served as breakfast. Cylindrical in shape this dish is cooked in a mold with grated coconut and is served with either banana or kadala curry (just google it).

4- Spicy Chicken Fy

Prepared with a generous amount of spices, this dish is a must-try while you stay in Kerala. You can have this dish with chapati, Kerala parotta or with rice. This dish is one of the most popular street foods.

5- Karimeen Curry

Just a friendly reminder, don’t return unless you taste this amazing, mouth-watering and mind-boggling dish. It is made out of Karimeen, a fish only found in the backwaters of Alleppey prepared by marinating the fish. The main ingredients that make this dish exotic are a mixture of lemon, red chilies, and various spices.

6- Pazham Pori (Banana Fritters)

A tea-time snack, this dish is predominantly famous in every part of Kerala. They are ripe bananas coated with white flour which is deep-fried. This one dish is indeed irresistible and is worth every penny in your pocket.

7- Ada Pradhaman

Get ready to lick your fingers with this dessert dish of Kerala. It mostly contains rice and coconut milk. You can grab one of these at any weddings where it is served with a small banana (yet one another achievement of Kerala) and you have to squeeze and mix it with the ada for an everlasting taste.