You might be an amateur but also fresh to some along the way experience, a new perspective towards things, crossing trails you haven’t been before. A newcomer always has a great amount of energy and passion for anything done on the way. If it’s your first time camping and trekking lets us suggest some amazing yet beginner-friendly places.

Its gotta be Australia with the rock formation and magnificent colors that strike in Uluru while watching the sunrise. Australia is a country filled with adrenaline junkies from hiking to bungee jumping one can participate in. Perfect for first-timers as crime rates are lower and the English speaking crowd is found more commonly. Easy to find a hostel for backpackers and bus routes.

Especially in the south-east of Asia is known for the backpacking region with huge forest areas and climber friendly mountains. The historical sites and temples are located in an elevated region, demanding hikers to climb. The historic home of Chiang Mai or the impressive ruins of Ayutthaya are commendable in architecture and deserve to be visited. This part of Thailand is safe and much preferred than the dangerous biking expeditions. Be aware of locals trying to scam or sell unknown objects.

Japan has a mixture of urban and forest from Tokyo and Osaka the diversity is quite visible. Displaying the natural wonders like Mount Fuji in it’s the natural abode to superior mountains of Hokkaido ideal for a winter ski. The culture draws every anime fan for a once in a lifetime visit. Though the language would be a barrier the people are super friendly and helpful. With great accommodation and transportation links, it makes the list for beginners to climb.

Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Hike Trail the famous spot in the park for hiking and surely a treat to the hikers out there. A shuttle bus from the village will take you to the destination. The complete trip is almost 19 miles and will take 2 days to cover the entire area on foot, so the hikers often walk down in a short distance. But let me warn you, the hiking trail is not suited for anyone with a serious fear of heights. It’s ideal for beginners who would want more of experience in hiking and less of a jolly good ride.

One of the most famous hiking trails in South America knows for its historic Machu Picchu an impressive cluster of temples and scenic hills in the Andes. The country is colored with beautiful towns on the coast of the Pacific and a city of Lima. The Andes has a great mountain range of outdoor activities one can enjoy. Spanish is popularity spoken but the localities are quite accustomed to English due to the boom in tourism. It’s easy to hike and go around with its well-defined maps and groups of hikers that pursue this well-established trend as a career.