Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

The proposal, one of the most beautiful and important moments in the life and relationship of a couple. So, to do it to show your commitment or a proposal to get married, whatever might be your reason, the proposal is a very important moment for both the partners. Well here is a list of the best places around the world to pop the question and please note that it is not necessary for the boy to do it, it could also be done by all of you lovely ladies out there.

Paris, France

Well, the City of Lights or as some like to call it the City of Love, Paris is truly magical. It is the city embodiment of romance and one of the best places to visit in France. It is that place wherein every corner you turn, every direction you look you can have your dream proposal there. If that was not enough, the language, that is pretty romantic too. A proposal filled with croissants, coffee and fresh flowers everywhere, how else would you think of your dream proposal to be. From in front of the Eiffel Tower to the courtyard of the Louvre, Paris is full of the picture-perfect spot to pop the question. The best season to visit Paris is during the summer and spring, but it is equally beautiful in the cold winter and fall months too. Our tip here would be to book a room at the Platz Athena or the Four Seasons Hotel, take him/her to the balcony, with the amazing view of the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop almost like it the silent proposal party to your anyway perfect proposal, preferably during the evening or the night time when the entire tower is lit up and get down on your knee with the beautiful velvet box in your hand. We tell you this is the end game.

Rome, Italy

From the french, we move on to the pasta, pizzas and the wine. Rome is truly a boiling pot of romance, fashion, and history. This sitting capital city of so many kingdoms and eras is the standing example of consistency and commitment to be beautiful and gorgeous for time everlasting. Italians are amazing when it comes to proclaiming your love for your loved ones, so what better place than to do it in their capital city. Take him/her for a lovely and sense numbing dinner of the amazing Italian cuisine, and then while walking back to your residence take a detour to the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps, get down on your knee and take out the box.

New York, USA

Known to be an urban jungle full of people hustling all day every day, New York can be pretty romantic too. It can also be the place for you and your partner. Bustling with amazing fashion and cute vintage stores to elevate the mood, New York is a very good option to propose. The iconic Tiffany & Co store on the fifth avenue could be the ideal place to get that iconic princess cut rock from which by the way increases the chances of an affirmative answer 100%. Head over to Central Park, go on the Beau Bridge, which let us tell you is also the most photographed bridge in all of Central Park, so this could be the perfect spot for you, surrounded by greenery and water and the perfect city in all.

Lake of Love, Bruges, Belgium

Would you believe us if we said that Bruges is more romantic of a location than even Venice? Well, to your surprise it is. Being in Bruges is like being in Venice and Amsterdam at the same time, but a prettier backdrop. The entire city is made up of two prominent elements, long canals, and medium-sized, colorful and medieval-looking buildings. Arent in love already? It is perfect during the day but it is super romantic and peaceful by night, getting any clues yet? Well, this city is full of bridges, squares, and cute little parks, but if you and your partner are not the shy types then head over to the Lake of Love and the Bridge of Lovers to pop the question.

Cappadocia, Turkey

The first thoughts that come to mind when the mention of Cappadocia, Turkey comes up are hot air balloons and the rooftops to stare at them all day every day. What is also the most interesting and awe-inspiring sight of this place. If not on a hot air balloon, you could always pop the question while admiring the beautiful skies and the balloons going higher and higher in the sky. Mixed with the exquisite things this country is famous for like carpets and essences, it kind of gives a feeling from the life of Jasmine and Alladin.