You might have heard of the generic places or the usual backwaters. But there’s more to the Indian beach destination than the popular ones. All these destinations are closer to India cheaper to Indian currency and easy to travel by air. Let’s revisit some of the known places near the country accessible and funnily cheap for any Indian’s dream to go abroad. Hang on as the trip gets rough there’s a lot to learn about your next holiday destination.


The warm sun- the sounds of the waves and the crabs rolling up to you with a beer in your hand. Dhigurah  with it’s a completely charming, clean and friendly island with approx 600 inhabitants and around few cosy guesthouses. It’s an island, with a fascinating white-sand beach that extends into a giant sandbank connecting to Dhigurah at the south. Including a bikini beach, cafes and souvenir shops along the main street for a Romantic Getaway.

Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is perfect for a solo traveller, it gives both exploration of beaches and the landscapes. Unawatuna, A backdrop of white sand spread lavishly on the beach this small seaside town of Unawatuna is a great place to unwind. With various other snorkelling and diving operators in town, visitors take advantage of the bountiful exploration at the coral reefs. Colourful fish and turtles are populated in these waters. There are good options for dining along the beach, greeting visitors to use their sun loungers and relax with the warm sun with a cooling drink in hand.


Thailand, the cheapest International destination.So get lost in their tempting street food, a jungle trek, book a hotel in its many islands, feel the devotion in their ancient temples and witness the overpowering martial Arts. Phuket, the island of Phuket is generally known as the party island with crazy rave parties happening all night while enjoying dirt bikes and alcohol in excess. But that’s one side of the Island, Visiting the other smaller islands nearby will make you go In awestruck with the mother nature and its beauty bestowed. Phi phi Islands with a panoramic view of the crystal clear waters and the cut mountains. Many movies have had a backdrop featuring this island. It is one of the very few places in the world that have been unaffected.


A fun venture, with one winning reason that suits your taste, you take home.To narrow down a popular dilemma of these beautiful popular destinations. Bali can be described beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles .Home sheltering to elephants, orangutans and tigers.The southeast Asian nation that Is famously known for its Volcanoes and beaches Is one of the most travelled destinations in the world not only by travellers but also by photographers and honeymooners. This country is also home to tigers, elephants and orangutans. Though the nation is popular for many tourists spots.


A world heritage site of Ha Long bay is the most visited tourist place in Vietnam with a lot to explore and see in hundreds of beautiful islands surrounding the area.  Located in the northern part of Vietnam East-known for thousands of towering limestone of unique shapes, height and exotic beaches. There are many things to do here, from scuba diving, rock climbing and hiking. Another can’t miss place in Hue, just like the name sounds, it is the oldest part of the country. It is an ancient national capital. It is located right in the centre of Vietnam, Situated at the banks of the Perfume River. He is blessed with fascinating things to see like the 7 imperial tombs, the ancient Imperial City and the Forbidden City. Another interesting place to visit is Hanoi, the booming capital city of Vietnam is known for its historical architecture and cultural influences.