A beautiful place is good but a beautiful place with good climate is great. It’s evident how tourists are attracted to places with great weather like beaches or a hill station . Climate is everything from elevating someone’s mood to clicking good pictures. Moderation is essence not too hot not too cold, lukewarm is the trend. Here’s a list of Seven places you do not want to miss if you are weather cautious . Nerd Alert it’s a perfect day for a perfect weather hunting destination.

Spill the beans In Spain

Spain is the warmest countries in Europe. Hence giving it perfect weather. Here are two destinations you must visit. Get on a Vespa and go to the nearest best Flamenco show available, known for elegant boulevards, manicured parks like Buen Retiro. Touch of European art, like  Prado Museum’s works. The heart of the old Hapsburg is the portico-lined Plaza Mayor, and walking distance Royal Palace.

Don’t Doge the Dominic 

Weather alert being neither too cold nor too hot it’s perfect for a December getaway. A Caribbean nation that shares the island with Haiti. A great panoramic view of blue beaches, high-end resorts and golfing. With rainforest, savannah and highlands terrains. Take a romantic hike or camp at the base of Pico Duarte, the Caribbean’s tallest mountain. 

The Capital Santo Domingo marks Spanish landmarks giving a Gothic vibe at the Catedral Primada.

Bandana & Bahamas

Close to the oceans gives humid warm temperatures perfect for the holiday season. A coral-based archipelago with an Atlantic Ocean location. In numbers its  700-plus islands. Varies from uninhabited islands to packed resorts. The Grand Bahama hosts many large-scale hotels, best known for deep Scuba diving and fun snorkelling sites Must dive deep into the Andros Barrier Reef, Thunderball Grotto and Bimini for an exceptional underwater discovery.

Playing around the Philippines

The weather is dry in December gives a perfect excuse to explore, Philippines a land of glistening white rice fields, imposing metropolitan cities, coloured splashed on Graffiti, Smiting volcanoes and Wrinkled happy faces.Take the pleasure of Rainforests, a dive in its crystal clear ocean and discover a culture beyond your own . Bounce In Boracay with White Beach dotted by palm trees,  take a drink in one of the bars and enjoy the cuisine in available restaurants. Bulabog Beach a hub for water sports. Mount Luho gives panoramic views over the island. Offshore, coral reefs and shipwrecks a complete marine life.

Mainly Mauritius

The weather is pleasant all year long it’s a treat to the human eye with wonders captivated, A small country located in East Africa popular for beaches, Lagoons, Reefs, Rainforest, Hiking and wildlife. Personally, I think Mauritius has a lot more to offer compared to any other island in the world, anything you wish for the name it, and you get it, considered as the paradise of travellers as it offers sun, sand, and surf. Highlights are Black River Gorges National park estimated around 68km the area is covered with beautiful view. While trekking inside this forest one keeps an eye out for animals like wild pigs, rusa deer, bears.